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Bangkok: Convent Road, back to the childhood

22 Apr

The other day I was having a coffee appointment with a journalist friend who is new to Bangkok. He was running errands when I called him asking if he would like to meet for coffee.  He was up for it, and I told him to meet at Starbucks on Convent Road just off the Saladang BTS station on Silom.

I arrived early on purpose so that I could walk around the road where my primary school is. There’s a catholic school on the street and I went there from grade one to about half way through grade seven before I went to study abroad.

A School on Convent Road

When I was at the school, there used to be a rule that students were not allowed to buy food off the street outside school premise, not even at the shopping mall nearby. I think the rule was imposed on and off for a while, and for the kid like me who absolutely love food (especially the Moo-Ping or grilled pork and sticky rice right outside the school’s fence) it was hard to stick to the rule.

While I was walking along the road, I noticed a lot of changes. My coconut ice-cream uncle is no longer there nor his nephew who took over the business, the once very popular book/comic store  is  now a convenient store and my favorite noodle shop no is no longer my favorite.

An old man biking

Another thing that I noticed was that there were so many people pushing the carts, whether it was food carts, or some other kind of carts through this road to go to the main street of Silom. I guess that there must be a space where carts are being kept somewhere nearby. It’s always interesting to see them pushing the carts containing what ever inside, some of them made it look like they are moving the lightest cart in the world.

Food Sellers getting ready for the business

I arrived Starbucks first, ordered my coffee and managed to take a few photos while waiting for my friend who arrived shortly after. He is new to the city but already noticed about the price of street food rising and he also pointed out that street food that sells in Silom are mostly Chinese food.  I never thought of that before, but as I looked right outside, there’s a stall being set up, and it was a “Kueh-Chub” cart.  (click here for more details about “Kueh Chub”)

…He was right…

"Kueh Chub" - Chinese noodles stall

Apart from Kueh Chub stall, this street, around 5-6 pm is always packed with other food stalls such as, the BBQ pork stall, fish maw stall, noodles stalls, pork legs stalls and many more.  The stalls would open until very late to cater for office workers and tourists as well as the party goers, as the street is right opposite the famous Silom Soi 2 and 4.

A boy, busy pouring the soya eggs, preparing a "Kuah Chub" ingredient

I would say, Convent road is pretty good and convenient for people who live around there to get food. Not only it has varieties of street stalls, but there are also restaurants and and Irish Pub.  It is certainly one of my favorite place to go for food after work, and I would always bump into friends or even my primary school teachers who still recognized me even I left school many years ago.


Saman Turkish Restaurant: Turkish food in my neighborhood

11 Jan

I have been avoiding restaurant review for a long time, but today I visited a friend who’s a Bangkok bureau chief for IHA, Turkish Press and we decided to go to the Turkish restaurant nearby. It is quite funny that I had never been there before since it is also right opposite where I live.

Saman Turkish Restaurant is in Sun Square, Silom 23 is probably the only Turkish restaurant in Bangkok. It has a nice atmosphere both indoor and outdoor and has variety of food.
There’s four tables indoor on the first floor, and probably more on the second as well as a few outdoor tables with nice ambiance. We went in a group of six and ordered different type of food to try. The food were quick and the staff were friendly, and the new owner actually came to greet us at the table.

We ordered pide and varieties of dishes. I particularly liked the cucumber yoghurt that has sliced onions and some spice in it.
The downside of it was my food, the chopped lamp with tomato and cheese never came.

The staff were slow on following up with my food but made up for it by promptly provide me with free dessert of rice pudding though.

Although the first impression was somewhat unimpressive, but will I be going back? Maybe. That’s because they have have good pide and do delivery service too.

Red food at the Red rally in Silom RD (1)

20 Feb


For those of you familiar with Thailand’s political situation, you might know about the RED and the YELLOW,and those who doesn’t have a clue, well….I encourage you to read the news on Thailand’s political situation.   

Anyway, politics is forbidden in this blog…but I can’t help bringing politics into this entry as today, the RED SHIRT people were rallying right on the street where I live. So I decided that I should go to have a look.I wasn’t really interested in what they were talking about this time, but rather, I was more interested in the \atmosphere and the food carts around there catering for the rally goers and people around the area.   

Today the Red Shirt people decided to rally at Silom Road, Bangkok’s main business area, the place they set up the stage was right in front of Bangkok Bank Headquarter, and stuffed up the Friday’s traffic even more.   

Ok I should stop now…   

Going to rally is not fun for those who has nothing to do with it, but it created lots of jobs and profits for some people, especially people who sell food. Some of them just come specially for rally, and some who usually are nearby, simply change the location just to show their support.   

*look closely at the red key ring*

The Thermos with Thaksin's Face key ring

I was walking along with my camera, and found lots of interesting things…as well as catching up with familiar faces,  no , not the protesters, but rather the journalists. . . It was fun. . . really but damn hot!   

The Red's drink??!!

So I stopped by and looking for some drink and was pretty impressed with what I called the Red Drinks.. I took the photos and just walk past… I was trying to be very unpolitical this afternoon.   

Pad Thai and Omlette Cart

Since I decided to be non-political here, I did quite well on not buying anything from any vendors today but just walked around asking to take photos. The Padthai and Omlettes cart here is quite typical, but I never seen it in this area before, usually Padthai and Omlettes vendors can be seen A LOT in Khaosarn, the backpacker’s area.   

10 baht omelette rice!

I’ve never tried the omelette rice on the street though, but I’m sure they would be good since they made fresh right in front of you. For the omlettes rice, usually I would eat it with chilli sauce (Sri Racha) Yummy!   

12 bahts Padthai...?

 I’ve tried the Padthai on the cart like this at Khaosarn though,  and it was 10 baht but it was many years ago.  While the taste wasn’t bad but I’d prefer the REAL Padthai. (please search for my Padthai’s blog) Here the ingredients are nothing, just noodles, a bit of tofu, a bit of bean sprouts and a bit of chives, great for vegetarians, but not for me.  

This is classic! Shaved ICE!!!!

I almost bought shaved ice from this guy, but somehow more into this guy than his shaved ice.. anyway.. this is quite classic, I remember, as a kid,it was one of my favourite after school snacks.  Either buying it from nearby the school, or my younger  sister and I would just do the shaved ice party at home. The syrups brand lining up in the bottles is Hale’s Blue Boy, and trust me, they are the best!  

Guava and Strawberries seller

This girl is probably a regular on Silom road, I should’ve asked but I already made the assumption when I took her photo, and this kind of cart is quite new, it emerged few years ago just when Thai agreed the FTA with China on some food related items.  It’s such a contrast here though, while guava, is our typical fruit, strawberries is not.  Strawberries in Thailand is pretty new too.  It was not harvested in Thailand originally, but rather we had to import them from overseas, but they just started to harvested it recently in the Northern part of Thailand. Cheap Strawberries always good, but  I still prefer the Australian ones..(or China’s)  

Fishmaw Soup

The fishmaw soup also reminded me of when I was young. I used to think all along that the soup always come with the very thin rice noodle (mi hun) up until 2-3 years ago, but in fact the fishmaw soup is by itself. Mi Hun is optional. I’m not sure if what she’s selling here is the real one or not, probably not. The real fishmaw’s texture is a bit crunchy. I never knew until I had the one cooked by my granddad a few month ago. It would have a distinctive smell to it and very very delicious while the one sold on the street usually don’t have that smell.  

Pork Pork Pork and the sticky Rice

This vendor is right next door to the fish maw cart and sell the different kind of pork with sticky rice, black and white.  The sticky rice is a type of rice and it’s always been sticky. The black rice is also a type of rice and always been black. The pork..well, pork is pork, but they are being cooked different ways,  there are shredded sweeten pork, sweet pork and salty pork. you can get them all for 40 baht a pack. I usually go for the shredded pork ones, it goes very well with the sticky rice.  

Old style local snacks

Now, this guy is quite interesting, I was sure that he’s a regular, but turned out that he usually do his business around MBK area.  He said he was “RED” so he came here on purpose. But I was more interesting in what he was selling more, these are the snacks that I used to see a lot when I was young. In all of those things he sells I only know the 2 of the names. hmm.. 

This entry is getting long… I’ll continue with this tomorrow…. more photos of the “Red” food vendor to come!

Bangkok’s night food stall : my dinner after work

16 Nov

What I like about Bangkok is that you will never go hungry. You can find food any time of the day at just almost any corner of the city. I can’t quite imagine myself living in other part of the world where I can’t find food after 10 pm. I would just be starved to death. 

Fried variety of meats on sticks

fried food on sticks

For the next two months, my job takes me to Silom Road, by day it is the main business district of Bangkok, by night it is famous for night stalls and entertainments. I finished working late tonight and by the time I left the office  I was starving. There are many restaurants that  late to cater for foreign visitors but I opted for local delicacy.. ” Noodles”


Fishballs Noodle Cart

 There were three or four stalls on the left side of Silom road going towards Rama 4 from near Patpong to the begining of the road.  After observing some of the stalls for a while,  I decided to go to the one in front of Bangkok Christian Hospital.

My late night dinner

My Dinner

It is a dried rice noodle stick with fishballs and minced pork, my favourite combinations. While I was eating, I’ve got lots of attention from foreign visitors who would just look at my noodles and probably wondering what it was. So I just gave them basic explainations and even urged them to try. I guess my tactic actually worked, several Hong Kong people(who are already a big fan of fishballs rice noodles anyway) joined in

That bowl of noodles costed me only 40 baht, or just over a dollar…That’s on the expensive side already.  Typical noodles should cost about 25-30 bahts or about 90 cents……

Restaurant : AOI : Family’s favorite in Bangkok

13 Jul

Last Saturday, my sister and I decided to go for lunch and since I just came back to Bangkok, she let me choose what I wanted to have. One of my favourite cousines is Japanese, so I didn’t hesitate to say so and of course, the easiest choice for us is ” AOI”

This restaurant has been our family’s favourite for years, tucked in a quiet road, just off a busy CBD street of Silom. It serves very authentic Japanese food with a reasonable price.  When we arrived at the restaurant just before 1 pm. the restaurant was packed with local Thai customer who appreciate Japanese food like me.

Japanese Obento
      Japanese Obento with balanced diet of raw dish, grilled dish, fried dish and  boiled dish

One of many reasons I enjoy Japanese food is that,  apart from very delicate preparation, Japanese food is consider to be one of the healthiest food in the world and the Japanese appreciate their food so much that it’s consider to be another kind of arts form. I became appreciated more and more of the cuisine when I spent a year in Japan back in the late 90s.

As I looked at the menu my eyes caught up with a new type of  “Chirashi”  (Raw fish topped with rice). I’m not sure about the name, but I think it’s called ” Healthy Jyu” and it’s healthy indeed

Healthy Jyu from "AOI"

Healthy Jyu from "AOI"

Once the food arrived I was fasinated with the ingredients on top of the sushi rice.  They are considered by the Japanese, very healthy and helping with stemina.  They are grated yam (white gooey stuff)  okra, finely chopped tuna, natto (fermented soy bean) seaweed and fish eggs.  I went on and on about how clever the menu is with my sister and how the Japanese have to eat 30 different ingredients a day…Hmm.. maybe I was too over the top. Although the dish might not look appealing to some people, but I can guarantee that it was delicious and very light, and easy to make at home too.

Anyway… I don’t think I will go into the nutrition facts about those ingredients, but maybe in the near future when I start the diet section of the blog..