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Pet-Friendly Places

5 Jul

Hong Kong doesn’t rank very highly on pet-friendliness, but there are the odd restaurants here and there that somehow manage to get away with allowing customers bring along their pets. The local food and hygiene authority pretty much rules out all pets in any establishment that serves food, but most places with outdoor areas allow pets as long as they don’t wander inside. Then there are ‘dog cafes’ which have cropped up around the city areas, but I have yet to find one that decent food. Below are two places we’ve been to recently which have decent, Chinese fare and even allow dogs!

This first place is out of the way from town, in an area called Shum Tseng, that’s famous for roast goose. As with any area famous for a particular dish, all the shops selling roast goose in this area claim they are the original and best. Though I do have my personal favourite amongst the lot, having our dog with us this time limited our choices somewhat. I had heard this other place called Fu Kee has decent goose and with their spacious outdoor covered area the choice was clear.

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Girls Night out at Bangkok’s own Zanzibar

15 Aug

Despite the fact that we were at this spacious restaurant on Thursday night, Zanzibar’s outdoor garden seats were almost full. It was my first time there and I was quite impress with the decoration and how much space the restaurant has and yet it is very cozy. What I like the most there were an outdoor live band and the restaurant’s bar which is a perfect hang out place with friends for a pre-dinner drinks.

Although the restaurant is named Zanzibar, the food served there has nothing to do with it, the menu consists of basic Italian dishes suitable for Thai palates as Thai dishes for the Western palates. After looking at the menu, we ordered a lot of both Thai and Italian dishes and we all agreed that for the western dishes, the pizza and stir fried spinash with butter and garlic were very delcious. As for a Thai dish, Goong ob woonsen was the winner.

Zanzibar’s F&B manager, Mr. Julawat Suppipat also let us tried few more dishes that were not on the menu, the pork lasagna and another pork dish which is yet to be named, the seared thin sliced of pork layered with sliced green apple, mashed potato and topped with another slice of green apple served with gravy was absolutely divine.

Towards the end of the meal, we ordered two desserts, a brownie served with vanilla ice-cream and crepe’ suzette with orange syrup and vanilla ice-cream. It was a perfect ending to an absolutely great meal.

Services at the Zanzibar were great, waiters were very attentive and greeted all the guests with warm smiles, and the food price is very reasonable, I’ve already booked for my next visit for another casual get together with my friends.



Open daily 5pm-2am

No. 139 Soi Sukhumvit 11

Klongtoey wattana

Restaurant : AOI : Family’s favorite in Bangkok

13 Jul

Last Saturday, my sister and I decided to go for lunch and since I just came back to Bangkok, she let me choose what I wanted to have. One of my favourite cousines is Japanese, so I didn’t hesitate to say so and of course, the easiest choice for us is ” AOI”

This restaurant has been our family’s favourite for years, tucked in a quiet road, just off a busy CBD street of Silom. It serves very authentic Japanese food with a reasonable price.  When we arrived at the restaurant just before 1 pm. the restaurant was packed with local Thai customer who appreciate Japanese food like me.

Japanese Obento
      Japanese Obento with balanced diet of raw dish, grilled dish, fried dish and  boiled dish

One of many reasons I enjoy Japanese food is that,  apart from very delicate preparation, Japanese food is consider to be one of the healthiest food in the world and the Japanese appreciate their food so much that it’s consider to be another kind of arts form. I became appreciated more and more of the cuisine when I spent a year in Japan back in the late 90s.

As I looked at the menu my eyes caught up with a new type of  “Chirashi”  (Raw fish topped with rice). I’m not sure about the name, but I think it’s called ” Healthy Jyu” and it’s healthy indeed

Healthy Jyu from "AOI"

Healthy Jyu from "AOI"

Once the food arrived I was fasinated with the ingredients on top of the sushi rice.  They are considered by the Japanese, very healthy and helping with stemina.  They are grated yam (white gooey stuff)  okra, finely chopped tuna, natto (fermented soy bean) seaweed and fish eggs.  I went on and on about how clever the menu is with my sister and how the Japanese have to eat 30 different ingredients a day…Hmm.. maybe I was too over the top. Although the dish might not look appealing to some people, but I can guarantee that it was delicious and very light, and easy to make at home too.

Anyway… I don’t think I will go into the nutrition facts about those ingredients, but maybe in the near future when I start the diet section of the blog..

Restaurant : Baoyuan Jiaozi : Beijing

2 Jul

            In my last post, I mentioned BaoYuan Jiaozi, and it just so happens I went there tonight because my mom and my sister arrived in Beijing today and will be staying for a week..

The Chinese dumplings at Baoyuan Jiaozi

The Chinese dumplings at Baoyuan Jiaozi

              Bao Yuan Jiaozi is getting more and more popular, among both expats and locals. When we were there at around 8 pm, the restaurant wa still full. The restaurant doesn’t only sell Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) but also sell other local Beijing dishes.
Fen Pi Mian (glass noodles) with bean sprouts

Fen Pi Mian (glass noodles) with bean sprouts


We ordered three different kind of Jiaozi that come in three different colors,  pork with cabbage, mushroom and dou miao and shrimp with cucumber.  My sister and I agreed that the first two were really good.   There were also  fen-pi (glass noodles) with bean sprouts in oyster sauce, fried fish, fried shrimps, pork knuckle and some cold dishes that my friend and I usually get.  For those who are not used to eating Beijing food, they might find it too oily like my mom and my sister did, but I think it was absolutely devine.

One Hungry Girl from Bangkok

One Hungry Girl from Bangkok

Before I knew it, the food just kept coming, and for four people..it was too much, but we always ordered too much anyway. The price was reasonable and all the dishes were good, so how could we resist?
 Jiaozi price starts from RMB 5 for a tray of 6

My Top Ten List : Restaurants in Beijing

1 Jul

A year in Beijng and countless homecook meals,  my eating out experience has been somewhat limited,  However, when I do eat out, quality  is what I look for.   I guess I’ve been spoiled… thanks my family friends and my beloved friends and visitors that put me back to my normal life of good food, nice ambience, and great company…even just for a short time.

Here are my Top 10  Restaurants

1)  Club Camp– my newest favourite Yunan Restaurant in the middle of the city in Gongti Xi Lu, above Coco Banana, I was there the first time the other day, and the food was super yummy!  Very similar dishes to some of the Thais.. I guess lots of northern Thai food are influenced by the Yunan Cusine a lot, there’s lots of curry, lots of fresh herbs and yummy sticky rice!

2.) Edomae Sushi–  This is one of the first Japanese Restaurant I went to with my former colleague.  I would say that despite the fact Beijing is nowhere near the ocean,  and to eat raw fish in Beijing, you’ll need to be sure that they must be fresh,  Edomae Sushi’s sushi is doing a good very very good job.  I always drop by when I’m in Jianguomen/Guomao area.  It’s in Jianwai Soho Building Number 9.

3.)Baoyuan Jiaozi–  I’m obsessed with Jiaozi or the Chinese Dumpling.  I’ll miss it a lot when i go home, as it’ll be harder to find.   Baoyuan Jiaozi in Maizidian is another new find as well. It come with more than 50 varieties of jiaozis with the price starts from RMB8.   Cheap Clean and Good! I do make really good Japanese version of it, but it’s not going to be the same. 

4.) Fish Nations–  I like the place, not because it’s the only place dedicated to Fish n’ Chips, but they do have yummy hot banana chocolate, but most of all, it’s in my favourite Beijing’s Street of Nanluoguxiang.

5.)  The Tree – The best Pizza in Beijing ….hidden at the back of Sanlitun Bar Street.  I like the number 9.. is it prosciutto or parma?

6.) The Bridge Cafe –  Not so much for the food, but for the dessert,  they make great brownies, apple crumbles, carrot cakes …basically everything.  It’s also the students’ hangout in Wudaokou as well.

7.) Bellagio’s –  A Taiwanese chained restaurant from Shanghai,  again yummy dessert.  I wonder why I couldn’t find decent dessert shop here in Beijing?

8.) Sarangbang –  A Korean Restaurant in Wudaokou,  the best suburb for Korean food in Beijing. Yummy Korean BBQ, Chupjae and  kimchi Chige.

9.) Lau Pa Sat –  Not only you can get yummy Singaporian food, great Kaya toasts and Kopi- O ,  you can go practise your Singlish with the Singaporian Expats as well lah!

10.) The Unions –  Great Burgers and fries. Nothing more to add, also in The Sanlitun’s Village


Almost make it to the list :

Element fresh –  …. Smooties…. and people watching as it’s in the central location of The Village in Sanlitun, not so much for the food…..anymore (meaning – it used to be good!)