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Red Food and The Red Rally at Ratchaprasong

10 Jan

I had posted the blog on the Red Shirt food so many time, but it’s always interesting to walkabout the political rally and focus on something that not many people are focusing on. You guess it… yup it is”the street food!”

So..The Red Food and The Red Rally is back again for 2011…

Rachadamri Rd before dusk

Yesterday, the Red Shirts were out again and I decided to check them out. and of course, where there’s people, there’s food. There are also some interesting food I hadn’t seen in the past rallies, or maybe they just hidden somewhere and I hadn’t seen them.


The Red Somtam Shop

The Stall here is “Khun Dang” or ” Ms Red ” Somtam.  The papaya salad stall usually sell in Pak Nam area … it was set up quite early during the day. Her name  and the shop name definitely match the event.


I just bought her corn yesterday!

But there are some people who seem to go to where ever there’s events. like the corn lady.  I recognized her straight away simply because her eyebrows.


Making the Omelettes

Another popular dish, omelette rice. The omlette lady simply know that the omelette goes best with Sri Racha or the chili sauce. She also sells some kind of fresh made dip as well,  I forgot to ask what it was though.

Then I saw something that caught my eyes…


This man was picking something from the basket,and when I looked closer they were little shrimps that were still jumping!  Well, it’s because he’s selling “The Jumping Shrimps”

Mixing the live shrimps in a bowl

I have never eaten the jumping shrimps before but had similar dish called “Prawn in the fish sauce” where the raw prawns are served in the sauce made out of fish sauce and lemon juice with a bit of fresh chili. This one though he mixed the shrimps with lots of herbs as well as the fish sauce, lemon juice, chili flakes. I’m sure they must be delicious judging from the non-stop customers but I would probably stay away from it.


Pork Crackles! 20 baht per bag

There are plenty of other things as well… like salted pork crackles….

Esan Sausage seller

Or the Esan sausage seller which I am very impressed with the grill which made specially to grill the sausages.

The Grill

It is set up this way so that not only he can put more sausages on the grill, but the fat also don’t drip into the charcoal, how clever! The seller said he is usually set up the stall on Convent Road near where I am. I’m definitely going to hunt him down later on.

I have had a full and busy weekend and it was so much fun.  I can’t wait to see what’s on for this week!…