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Interesting competition from the new US Ambassador to Thailand

6 Jan

I just came across Richard Barrow’s new blog entry on the “Fave Thai Food Contest” so I clicked on the facebook page to see what’s happening.

So, the new ambassador, Kristie Kenney  is arriving soon and she would like to try Thai food! I like her better than previous ambassador already, no I do not know Mr. Eric John, former ambassador to Thailand, but anyway… I’m interested in anyone who’s interested in food.

US Embassy in Thailand " Fave Thai Food Contest"

So lets say if I enter the competition which will be ending on the 12th January and I happen to win… hmm.. I will get to meet the ambassador?

This sounds FANTASTIC!  Now I will have to dig out the list of the restaurants. Oh wait,.. it will be a long list since it’s cover the whole country. But I guess one of the first place I’d like her to try is a place call “Sa-nguan-Sri” right in her territory on Wireless Road, probably less than 100 metre from the Embassy and her residence-to-be, so she can sneak out and walk there for quick lunch.  But being The Ambassador, that might be unlikely though.

This restaurant is a local and foreign favorite on Wireless Road and lower Sukhumvit area.  When I used to work around there, my colleagues and I sometimes go for lunch which always packed with people.  I haven’t got any original photos since I haven’t been back for years, but this blog does. I remember my favorite dishes there, especially the curry dishes. I bet Ms Kenney will find the food there divine too.

For more information on the competition, click on the US Embassy in Bangkok Facebook Page here


What’s on the plate for 2011? : I’m posting everyday!

4 Jan

Judging from the amount of traffic heading back to Bangkok tonight, the holiday is officially over and  I’m glad that I came home a day early.  This year we spent New Year’s Eve in Bangkok before heading to  Hua Hin to see my aunt for a night and had a huge German feast.

For the past few days, apart from thousands the new year resolutions that I can never keep, I’m thinking seriously about how to improve this blog and to post more often as writing brings me joy and I really want to keep it that way.

So, here we go..  I shall start with posting everyday for the blog, this will be challenging but I have no excuse since I can post from my Blackberry.  I’m sure that there are others out there who has similar goal to me so I’ll seek the encouragement and  inspiration from other bloggers as well.

If anyone’s reading my blog, I’m hoping that you’ll encourage me and inspire me to write more with comments and ideas, and I shall do the same to you