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Pet-Friendly Places

5 Jul

Hong Kong doesn’t rank very highly on pet-friendliness, but there are the odd restaurants here and there that somehow manage to get away with allowing customers bring along their pets. The local food and hygiene authority pretty much rules out all pets in any establishment that serves food, but most places with outdoor areas allow pets as long as they don’t wander inside. Then there are ‘dog cafes’ which have cropped up around the city areas, but I have yet to find one that decent food. Below are two places we’ve been to recently which have decent, Chinese fare and even allow dogs!

This first place is out of the way from town, in an area called Shum Tseng, that’s famous for roast goose. As with any area famous for a particular dish, all the shops selling roast goose in this area claim they are the original and best. Though I do have my personal favourite amongst the lot, having our dog with us this time limited our choices somewhat. I had heard this other place called Fu Kee has decent goose and with their spacious outdoor covered area the choice was clear.

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Michelin Guide and Chinese Food in Hong Kong

13 Apr

I was in Hong Kong last week for a couple of days, and my first meal there was Yumcha at a restaurant recommended in the Michelin Guide, ” Tim’s Kitchen”

The sign at the restaurant's window of Tim's Kitchen can be seen in many other restaurants around Hong Kong

Sign at the restaurant's window of Tim's Kitchen can be seen in many other restaurants around Hong Kong

Now, before I went to Hong Kong, my friends, M and H said that they were going to take me to the “Amazing”  Yum Cha place. I was hoping for the traditional push cart place, but I was not disappointed about this place either. The Yum Cha was good, but not amazing like I was told, maybe I was tired or talked too much and neglect the food.

Yum Cha at Tim's Kitchen

Out of more than ten dishes I had, my favorite dish was probably the fish maws wrapped in tofu skin. It was deliciously juicy and crunchy and definitely the only memorable one out of all dishes. Apparently Tim’s Kitchen is famous for its crab claws and other seafood dishes that we didn’t have.  Next time when I’m there I would have to try the seafood at Tim’s Kitchen and find Yum Cha somewhere else.

Two nights later, I went out for a dinner and drink at Posto Pubblico with S, his friend who came out for a drink later mentioned to me on her thoughts about Michelin Guide that, she’ll definitely go to the French Restaurants they recommend but for the local? She’d rather trust her own judgement. I’m totally agree with her.  By the way, Posto Pubblico makes great mozzarella cheese!

The next day, I was craving for roasted goose,  so my friend, Mel  and I opted for a restaurant called Yat Lok on Lan Kwai Fong, without knowing, we went to another restaurant recommended by Michelin Guide. It was obviously very popular  with the locals as we couldn’t get in until about 2 pm.

Recommended by Michelin Guide

While the food was good the standard of service was on the low side,  M was not happy with the aunty serving us who chose to communicate to us in only Cantonese, despite the fact that we could speak mandarin. In the end M refused to communicate with her what so ever, but we came into the conclusion that they probably won’t care anyway.

Roasted Goose on Rice at Yat Lok

Yat Lok serves varieties of roasted dishes with limited menu in English.  I always frustrated about this when I go to the local places with limited or non-existing English menu, they should have put more effort in the menu, seriously.

I came out of the shop full but not fully satisfied, thinking of the word that S’s friend said the night before about her opinion on the Michelin Guide, next time in Hong Kong, I’d either call my local friends for recommendation or do what I always do, walk into random places and start the food adventure from there.

Food price on the rise again

7 Apr

The other night I turned on the TV to see the news anchor reading out a list of food with the rise in price  including the soybean oil and milk.  When she was reading up to the price of 800 ml milk, I had enough,  it was 2 in the morning and I shouldn’t be worry about going to the supermarket and won’t be able to afford to buy milk.

The soybean oil I can live without, though the producer wanted to raise19 baht more but the ministry of commerce only allowed 9 baht rise, but still, many of the supermarkets do not have the oil in stock, but funnily enough, from footage I saw, there are plenty of “palm oil” on the shelf (Remember when it was a shortage last time?)

Now I think I will really need to be strategically plan my grocery shopping now that the price of everything seems to be on the rise, while my freelance income just doesn’t go anywhere near it.

Roti Seller in the Chinese Shirne

23 Jan

The good thing about walking around everywhere is that I’ve got to see things that people who drive all the time don’t. These past few days, I’ve been walking around the Chinatown doing research and I’ve been walking the back alleys through to the different streets which was very fun.

Today, on the way home, I decided to walk to the Chinese Shrine by the river called Chow Sue Kong, which you can actually see from the boat on Chao Phraya. My mother said to me that she usually go during the Chinese New Year to pray, so when I walked past it, I thought that I’d check it out.

I didn’t get to go into the shrine because I found something more interesting, “A Roti Seller in the Shrine” It would not be interesting since we have roti sellers everywhere. But…this man was interesting and I couldn’t help but took many photos of him and bought the roti too.

Roti Seller in the shrine

For those who do not know what roti is, it originate from India where  roti is eaten with the curry as a main meal, here in Thailand we eat it as snacks. The roti in Thailand is basically a  pan-fried flat bread drizzled with condense milk and sugar. Sometimes, there are variations like eggs, banana or chocolate sauce etc. My favorite is the basic one with only condense milk.

Roti Cart

The man selling roti is definitely Thai, I didn’t ask many questions as I didn’t want to intimidate him or scared him off.  I only took photos of him, bought his roti, showed him the photos and left.

He's making my roti

In Thailand we always associated the “Kaek” (indian/middle-eastern/muslim) with Roti or peanuts or garments…so I guess Seeing him, very “Kaek”  looking and making the roti really stress the idea of the roti sellers.


Sprinkle the Sugar

I was so impressed with him that I walked out of the shrine totally forgot what I came to do in the first place. Now I know how easy to get there, I will have to pay another visit, perhaps during the Chinese new year where it is more lively. That would be fun.

Saman Turkish Restaurant: Turkish food in my neighborhood

11 Jan

I have been avoiding restaurant review for a long time, but today I visited a friend who’s a Bangkok bureau chief for IHA, Turkish Press and we decided to go to the Turkish restaurant nearby. It is quite funny that I had never been there before since it is also right opposite where I live.

Saman Turkish Restaurant is in Sun Square, Silom 23 is probably the only Turkish restaurant in Bangkok. It has a nice atmosphere both indoor and outdoor and has variety of food.
There’s four tables indoor on the first floor, and probably more on the second as well as a few outdoor tables with nice ambiance. We went in a group of six and ordered different type of food to try. The food were quick and the staff were friendly, and the new owner actually came to greet us at the table.

We ordered pide and varieties of dishes. I particularly liked the cucumber yoghurt that has sliced onions and some spice in it.
The downside of it was my food, the chopped lamp with tomato and cheese never came.

The staff were slow on following up with my food but made up for it by promptly provide me with free dessert of rice pudding though.

Although the first impression was somewhat unimpressive, but will I be going back? Maybe. That’s because they have have good pide and do delivery service too.

Random food photo :Super Easy Turkey Congee

27 Dec

I just finished making the Turkey congee or the rice porridge. It is super yum.
Recipe will be on the next blog.

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Red food at the Red rally in Silom RD (2)

20 Feb

I’d say that the Friday’s rally wasn’t as big as the one before for the red shirt, there weren’t that many vendors around and merchandising were also less. But again, it wasn’t a long rally, just 6 hours and the space covered wasn’t that big. 

While there were a lot of vendors set up, some people also choose to do old style, which is walking around carrying their goodies. 

Pork Crackles anyone?

This guy is selling the pork crackles, good as a condiments with either Thai spicy dip or the Thai papaya salad or just eat on its own. Yummy but very fattening. 

Sticky rice and Pork sheet in the basket

I’ve seen lots of sticky rice and some sort of meat being really popular here. I think that it’s equivalent of sandwiches here.  Easy to eat and easy to clean, great for picnic food indeed.

Dried meat...

It’s obviously very popular because when I went back to the same vendor an hour later, the meat were all gone.

Happy Dried Meat Seller

 I think that it’s because they were quite cheap, 4 strips for 15 bahts that’s why this vendor was popular amongst both passer by and the raller goers. 

 I guess for the Non-Thai people who are visiting Thailand who wants to try the street food, as long as they’re freshly cooked it should be OK to try.

Just try not to get yoursef in trouble, and enjoy the experience, maybe there’ll be more photos and story from the future rallies from  me.