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Ever Soneva So Chocoholic : The Ultimate Chocolate Room

27 Mar

Last Friday, I had an opportunity to spend a night at Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood, just off the south-east coast of the Gulf of Thailand.  Although the stay is short but it’s been a very pleasant experience,  I’m not going to go into details here as I’m not going to do a resort review (but it is AMAZING!)   but I’m going to tell you about my favorite facilities of this resort, “Ever Soneva So Chilled” and Ever Soneva So Chocoholic”. From the names of these two venues maybe it’s not hard go guess that they are ice-cream parlour and chocolate room!.  I only had a taste of one scoop of ice-cream out of more than sixty flavors they have but I can definitely say that the ice-cream was fantastic. I could’ve done ice-cream sample if I wanted to but I had to passed, as I had my eyes fixed on the chocolate room.

Guests enjoy picking the chocolate varieties

At Soneva Kiri,  ice-cream and chocolate are complements to guest, guests can indulge in both ice-cream and chocolate all day! I went there in the afternoon planning NOT to eat any of those beautiful chocolate but had to give into the temptation.

Easter eggs!

It seems like some of the chocolate, if not all of them are made in this room, I saw some of the chocolates being set in the molds.They even have the easter eggs as well! Now I regretted not taking one of them home.

To die for

There are so many varieties of chocolate here from the cocoa drinks to truffles, all of them are premium grade chocolate.  I was truly in heaven and couldn’t resist picking some of them to taste.

Heaven on the plate

On my plate were two macaroons, chocolate and green tea, a piece of  “rose” chocolate and a piece of “almond” chocolate and a cocoa drink.  All I could say is that I simply had “heaven” right there on my plate, there’s no other words to describe it. Period.

Ever Soneva So Chocoholic” absolutely lives up to its name and I just simply can’t wait to go back to Soneva Kiri to have a piece of the chocoholic experience again.


Soneva Kiri by Six Senses

110 Moo 4 Koh Kood Sub-District, Koh Kood, Trad 23000, Thailand