Pet-Friendly Places

5 Jul

Hong Kong doesn’t rank very highly on pet-friendliness, but there are the odd restaurants here and there that somehow manage to get away with allowing customers bring along their pets. The local food and hygiene authority pretty much rules out all pets in any establishment that serves food, but most places with outdoor areas allow pets as long as they don’t wander inside. Then there are ‘dog cafes’ which have cropped up around the city areas, but I have yet to find one that decent food. Below are two places we’ve been to recently which have decent, Chinese fare and even allow dogs!

This first place is out of the way from town, in an area called Shum Tseng, that’s famous for roast goose. As with any area famous for a particular dish, all the shops selling roast goose in this area claim they are the original and best. Though I do have my personal favourite amongst the lot, having our dog with us this time limited our choices somewhat. I had heard this other place called Fu Kee has decent goose and with their spacious outdoor covered area the choice was clear.


Locals will tell you if you want to splurge, go for the leg (same goes for any other bird), and I had heard that the really really particular people will even specify which leg. Apparently it’s something to do with the leg they lift up to pee… but then again, do birds pee on one leg?

Rounded off with some veggies and the meal was complete.

Smiles all around.

Then there are the rare few that turn a blind eye to the law and just let the occasional pet actually sit inside. Especially given the hot weather recently, finding somewhere that lets dogs inside with the air-conditioning is like stumbling on an oasis in the desert.

This particular place is not too far from where we live, so is a rewarding meal after a short walk with our dog. Our number 1 favourite dish has got to be the ‘baked’ chicken, which comes out a bit more like a steamed chicken with more intensive flavours because it is baked with foil.

No meal is complete without some vegetables, and I had for my first time ‘see gwa’ / 絲瓜, which is a kind of big cucumber/melon thing sometimes called Loofah or Chinese Okra, steamed with garlic and vermicelli. I’ve only ever had this style of topping with seafood, so this was quite a welcome change and I’ll have to have it again sometime.

Watch this space for more pet-friendly restaurants with decent food to boot!


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