Restaurant:Krua Chao Praya – A great find with fantastic view

19 Feb

I feel bad about not posting anything for the past few weeks.  The problem is that I’ve been busy (yeah!!) so I didn’t have time to concentrate on the blog.

For the past 2 weeks, I was doing some location scouting for a project and was looking for a place with a great view of Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn as one of the locations for shooting. Crew who flew from the States loved  the photo of the temple I took and wanted to have the temple as a background.

Temple of Dawn at Noon

The Temple of Dawn

When thinking about the restaurant overlooking the Temple,  the fist name that came to my mind was ” The Deck” at Arun Residence.  Unfortunately when I called it was a Valentine’s weekend and we were supposed to shoot on the Saturday and the restaurant was fully booked.

So I called several other restaurants until I found a place called ” Krua Chao Praya”  or Chao Praya Kitchen.  ( a restaurant in Tha Tien area with a fantastic view of the temple. It is located at the end of  Tha Tien Road where the Chaopraya Cruise ships are docked.  It’s because I did not get to see the place before the shoot, I do not have photos of the place, but I could tell you that it’s very chilled and better alternative than the famous “Arun Residence” as it’s quieter and more low key.  The food were good but what I liked was the ambiance  and the music the owner choose to play. The owner whom I didn’t get the name said that the music plays in the restaurant is varied but mostly with jazz, blues or country music.

The only downside of the restaurant is that,the dinner cruise boats are park right in front of the restaurant, blocking the view of the temple, however, customers can request to have table set up on the boat if they are not on hired. …That’s what we did, set up the shoot on the boat to get the clear view of the temple which turned out to be absolutely fantastic. Most importantly, the jet-lagged and overworked crew were very happy.

Unfortunately, the restaurant will be shut down and moved to Nonthaburi province in April because of the demolition of the area. I’m planning to visit the restaurant again soon to take more photos of the place.

To book the restaurant : called  085-238-6886


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