It’s that time of the year again : Chinese New Year Pt.1

2 Feb

It’s the Chinese New Year again and we did have some celebration at home. Today was simply food offering to my paternal grandmother.

My grandmother and the food

It’s just simply a day that the family gather together to pray and eat. Then bring the food over to neighbors and friends. I brought 7 boxes of food over to my friend’s office at lunch and still had a lot left over.


Just some food for my ancestors

The food usually consists of whole chicken, whole duck, whole fish, some pork toshow the wealth,  some fruits, a kind of noodles for longevity, some red food for good luck (in our case we have sago with red syrup). Then the rest is just according to our taste. My household is not very traditional so we are not very strict with the food. After the food offering, we’d burn the gold papers and paper money so that our ancestors will be able to use them in afterlife.

Tomorrow will be a big day as we will be at my grandparents’ house and swapping Hong Bao (Red Envelope). So what I usually do is rushing to the bank to get fresh crisp bank notes and put them all in the red envelopes for tomorrow.

The third day of Chinese New Year is the day that people do not work. So I’m not going to work tomorrow but simply be relaxing and eating and playing cards with my relatives (or mahjong for majority of my Chinese friends).

Will post more details on tomorrow’s blog entry….til then

XIN NIAN KUAI LE  and GONG XI FA CAI to everyone!


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