Roti Seller in the Chinese Shirne

23 Jan

The good thing about walking around everywhere is that I’ve got to see things that people who drive all the time don’t. These past few days, I’ve been walking around the Chinatown doing research and I’ve been walking the back alleys through to the different streets which was very fun.

Today, on the way home, I decided to walk to the Chinese Shrine by the river called Chow Sue Kong, which you can actually see from the boat on Chao Phraya. My mother said to me that she usually go during the Chinese New Year to pray, so when I walked past it, I thought that I’d check it out.

I didn’t get to go into the shrine because I found something more interesting, “A Roti Seller in the Shrine” It would not be interesting since we have roti sellers everywhere. But…this man was interesting and I couldn’t help but took many photos of him and bought the roti too.

Roti Seller in the shrine

For those who do not know what roti is, it originate from India where  roti is eaten with the curry as a main meal, here in Thailand we eat it as snacks. The roti in Thailand is basically a  pan-fried flat bread drizzled with condense milk and sugar. Sometimes, there are variations like eggs, banana or chocolate sauce etc. My favorite is the basic one with only condense milk.

Roti Cart

The man selling roti is definitely Thai, I didn’t ask many questions as I didn’t want to intimidate him or scared him off.  I only took photos of him, bought his roti, showed him the photos and left.

He's making my roti

In Thailand we always associated the “Kaek” (indian/middle-eastern/muslim) with Roti or peanuts or garments…so I guess Seeing him, very “Kaek”  looking and making the roti really stress the idea of the roti sellers.


Sprinkle the Sugar

I was so impressed with him that I walked out of the shrine totally forgot what I came to do in the first place. Now I know how easy to get there, I will have to pay another visit, perhaps during the Chinese new year where it is more lively. That would be fun.


2 Responses to “Roti Seller in the Chinese Shirne”

  1. orawan January 24, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    First time to see the real muslim with beard selling Roti in Bangkok, interesting.


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