I’m getting to watch the Chinese Opera!

22 Jan

Guess what my dear readers?

My current obsession with Chinese opera has led me into a new world. Not only are my journalist friends interested in doing the story,(which we will on Monday) but I think I want to explore more.

Yesterday I went back to Chinatown without my camera to talk to an old man in a traditional medicine shop, then I decided to go to the Krung Thai Arts Gallery not far away. It was there I met with a man who turned out to be an expert on Chinatown. He was generous enough to walk me around to different shrines where they still have a Chinese
Opera stage. It was hard to keep up with him, so I really had no time to register where exactly all the places are, but I got his number so I surely will contact him again.

Today, I went back to the same place to meet with Lin, the webmaster of the Chinese Opera site in Thailand. She was having a meeting with her team and I just popped into the middle of it. Anyway, the team are as interesting as she is. She comes from a family of opera performers and opera lovers. Basically all of them grew up watching Chinese
Opera, and they gather to try to revive and share it with larger audiences.

Teo-Chew Opera enthusiasts in the meeting

It was also very interesting that sometimes, they also perform when there are not enough people at big events. I guess they are determined enough to be able to perform it themselves, although the language barrier might make it difficult.

Anyway, I’ve got all the interviews secured in Chinatown and on Monday I’ll get to watch opera live! I think we are pretty lucky that they are even performing. Usually, at this time, the troupes are either on break or working outside Bangkok.

I am so excited and I just can’t wait to share with you all! I’m sure that there will be more stories coming up soon.



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