BKK Bagel is coming to town!

18 Jan

A group of friends are setting up the bagel shop in the city center, and I can’t wait for the opening next month! When I was in China, my ex-roommate Sarah Ting Ting Hou who’s now doing very well with restaurant reviews with Cityweekend, (the free magazine telling you all about Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai from the Hutongs to crazy parties and new restaurants) used to say that she wants to open the bagel shop in Beijing. Last time I spoke to her, she still holds on to the dream and  I’m still waitingfor that to happen Tingy and I swear I’ll fly to Beijing for that.

Anyway…back to the bagel shop in Bangkok, it is called ” Bkk Bagel”, set up by a friend some of his friends.  I was at the shop today, although they are still setting up, but it will be very exciting for Bangkok. Location is good and the crew is nearly ready with the bagel girl Caroline Schule ready to bake, not to mention the cream cheese! I got introduced to the cream cheese guy today, Eric,  my friend and onf of the BKK Bagel’s partners said all of  the products are good.  So I think I’m going to get some samples from him very soon.(I’m going to write about the cream cheese part when I actually sample them)  I’m crazy about cream cheese on the bagel and just saw a recipe on Tuna cream cheese  today that I want to make for the next house party.

It is looking good and I seriously can’t wait for it to open. (Free bagels for me?)

Watch out for BKK BAGEL in this space.



One Response to “BKK Bagel is coming to town!”

  1. Ting-Ting June 2, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    OMG, I haven’t spoken to you in forever and I just stumbled upon this. I hope the bagel shop will happen in the next 2 years! Hope you are eating well 🙂 I might be in Thailand in July with Bridget! We should meet up if I am. Take care Lin!

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