Martha Stewart’s Farmer’s Market In Bangkok

13 Jan

My sister send me an e-mail about a month ago about “Martha Stewart’s Farmer’s market” in Bangkok she was so excited about it. I was not, but I would go with her so I marked the date down.  13-16th January at Urban Space Ratchaprasong

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Martha Stewart, but a big fan of farmer’s market. So today because my original job was cancelled I made a plan to check it out. (Yup,  that is a positive side of doing a freelance job)


Big Signboard : no one can miss it

I’ve seen the signboard set up earlier, it’s big enough that no one would miss it.  This is probably the first time the “Martha Stewart Living Magazine” Thailand has done something like this so I was kind of excited to check it out. I was daydreaming about farmer’s market I’ve been to in many places and was hoping that it would be like that here, after all it’s Martha Stewart’s magazine’s event!


The whole farmer's market

Because the space the event is held in is in the semi-open’s not hard to see the whole area and I was a little disappointed to see that there aren’t many shops …….or shoppers at all. But it’s only a first day and it is Thursday. Perhaps it will be more crowded on the weekend.


information booth

There weren’t much to see really,  I was hoping to see more organic stuff like organic meats and honey and stuff like that…but I didn’t but it was forgivable, since this is quite new to Thailand.


Organic strawberries Jam and drink

In Thailand, the concept of having organic food is quite new comparing to the west. We just started having Green Market movement not too long ago. Organic Farms still very new.

Organic Vinegar

If the farmers market become a trend in Bangkok, then I would be very glad. It would encourage the buyers and suppliers to meet face to face without having to go through middle man like big supermarkets.


MY organic Coffee

From having a look around.  I realized that most of the products are produced in Thailand, but what I’m most impressed about is …The RASAYANA RAW FOOD CAFE

RAW Food booth

The information I’ve got from chatting to the owner was that this is probably the only full on Raw Food cafe in Thailand. I will have to find more information on that and will definitely make a visit to the restaurant in Sukhumvit 39 soon. It will be interesting to try the Thai RAW Food and get more information about RAYASANA.



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