The Moon God “Rahu” And I and the “black” food Part 2

12 Jan

After last week failure of preparing the food for the Rahu last wednesday, today I managed to get out of bed at 6 to do the alms giving.

For the alms giving, usually there’s food, dessert, 3 incenses, a candle and some flowers.  The food for today was  Fried rice with Chinese black olive and the dessert was Thai black coconut jelly bought from nearby fresh market.

Goodies for the alms giving

I usually put everything in bags, this way it is easier for me to pick from the basket and put into the alms bowl. I think the monks will like  fried rice as not many people probably offer them to the monks.


The main ingredient

It doesn’t take much to make this fried rice as long as you have the salted Chinese olives, and use it moderately then  you’ll be OK. The main ingredients for this dish are just rice, chopped olives and garlic, basically you just mix everything in a wok and that’s it.


Monk gives blessings after alms offering

I went to a nearby market to do the offering,and was planning to take photos after I finished my mission, however…the rain started pouring and I had to protect the camera. So I jumped into the car and left.  Before I left though, one of the monks noticed that I was doing the offering to Rahu so he suggested for me to “ask” the Rahu tonight between 8.30-9.00 pm what I want.  I already set the alarm for that.


Familiar scene: through the moving car

My next stop, was to the river, to release the eels into the river. Yup… the eels…


My eels bucket

So I went to “Teves” pier and released 12 eels. Then heading to the last stop to put the gold leaves around the temple’s chapel. ( I know that’s a lot of process but this is what I’m supposed to do every week  and it’s actually fun to do !)


Putting gold leaf on the "Sema"

For the Thai’s temple, there’s stones placed around the chaple called “Bai Sema”.  They are boundary markers that separate sacred area from anywhere else. So when you see the stones like this you’ll know that the area you are about to enter are sacred.  I walked around the chapel of Wat Bavornnives and put on the gold leaves on everyone of them.


Inside the Chapel

The temple has one of the most beautiful chapels I’ve seen, and today was a Buddhist holy day so I was lucky to see people arriving to hear the  monk’s preach


Inside the Chapel

The next holy day will also be on next Wednesday and I’ll definitely going back to this temple again to hear the full sermon of the monk.


Even the office worker comes to temple before work

I’m so looking forward to it already.




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