Saman Turkish Restaurant: Turkish food in my neighborhood

11 Jan

I have been avoiding restaurant review for a long time, but today I visited a friend who’s a Bangkok bureau chief for IHA, Turkish Press and we decided to go to the Turkish restaurant nearby. It is quite funny that I had never been there before since it is also right opposite where I live.

Saman Turkish Restaurant is in Sun Square, Silom 23 is probably the only Turkish restaurant in Bangkok. It has a nice atmosphere both indoor and outdoor and has variety of food.
There’s four tables indoor on the first floor, and probably more on the second as well as a few outdoor tables with nice ambiance. We went in a group of six and ordered different type of food to try. The food were quick and the staff were friendly, and the new owner actually came to greet us at the table.

We ordered pide and varieties of dishes. I particularly liked the cucumber yoghurt that has sliced onions and some spice in it.
The downside of it was my food, the chopped lamp with tomato and cheese never came.

The staff were slow on following up with my food but made up for it by promptly provide me with free dessert of rice pudding though.

Although the first impression was somewhat unimpressive, but will I be going back? Maybe. That’s because they have have good pide and do delivery service too.


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