Street food on Thai’s Children Day

9 Jan

Every second week of January is Thai’s children day.  There are event held at many places around Bangkok and I managed to squeezed in three today. It was so much fun and so much food and kids around.   Because I walked so much I managed to have only snacks for lunch.

First thing that caught my eyes when I jumped off 100 baht  Tuk Tuk ride (yep a rip off ..but I allowed that because there’s absolutely no taxi to catch) was the cart that sell corns and grilled bananas.


Grilled Corn

When I was young, I used to love the steamed corn and grilled bananas.  The corn taste the best when dip in salt water, but the corns I saw today though were grilled and dipped in coconut milk.


The boy is looking at my lunch!

I couldn’t decide whether or not I should get bananas or corn, but in the end I chose the corn just because the boy in front of me did.  It was 20 baht each ( US$0.75)  Then just about few steps away from the corn stall, I saw something that made me a little bit shocked.  These were “Baluts” , a Philippines’ delicacy. Basically the Baluts are fertilized eggs with nearly developed embryo inside.  I never seen one before so I stopped by and chat to the sellers for a while.

The Bolut seller, what’s on the plate are actually Baluts, 15 Baht per set including dipping sauce!

They’ve been selling  Balut for a while around the area,  but didn’t really give me more details apart from trying to sell them to me, in which I politely declined.  They said it tasted so good, but when I asked what good about it, a girl who was probably the daughter said ” The dipping sauce”  ….Hmm….

Different stages of Balut

So, the guy busted in and trying to sell the products to me, but once again, I politely declined and walked off to much nicer type of eggs.  Seriously, I never seen them in Bangkok before. Or am I not up-to-date anymore with the street food I wonder.

Next stop for my mini lunch was quail eggs, my other childhood favorite snacks. At school I used to have it once in a while. There were 10 eggs in one serve and costed 7 bahts which I thought was expensive back then, now the serve is smaller, the price is higher and I missed the chili sauce on top.


Quail Eggs in the mold

To make this snack, it is very easy, it’s like making the fried eggs in the mold, and put soya sauce or Maggi on top and lots of pepper.


The Quail eggs in foam containers

I was about to finish making my order when all of the sudden …..


Hungry groups of kids

…Three very hungry boy and a grumpy little girl busted in a and took all the eggs. Luckily I was left with one serve.



Coconut Juice in a glass

I ended my mini-meal with coconut juice.  It was 10 baht a glass, the juice seller was telling me about coconut shortage where sometimes it is hard to order coconuts and she hasn’t seen the shortage like this before.  The price of one coconut is now about 17 baht wholesell so she had to mix the coconut juice with syrup and lots of ice to make some profits.


It was fun walking around on children’s day, because there are so many cute kids around with their parents with lots of toys in their hands, but there are some kids that are not that lucky…


18 months old boy, a grandson of the street food seller.

This boy’s mother was very young, I’d say she’s probably in her teen and should’ve been in school rather than raising kid. His grandmother sells fried banana and raised him while his mother is at work.


Construction Worker's kids

These two kids were very dirty when I saw them. I learnt later that they were construction workers kids that came with their grandmother who was working nearby. The girl was so cute and even offered me her pink wafer  at one stage, but the boy looked horrified when he saw my camera.

On the way home, I was thinking about the kids I saw today, especially the construction worker’s kids, who will need to go to school soon. They will need to settle down somewhere to get proper education. However, this is tough because their parents do move around to where the work are.  All I can do now, I guess, is just pray for them and hope that they will get at least compulsory education they deserve.




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