At Siam Square

8 Jan

I went to an area called Siam yesterday.  For those familiar in Bangkok, you probably know where I’m talking about.  For those who aren’t,  Siam is shorten for Siam Square, an area full of young and trendy shopping places, contains 3 big shopping malls on one side,  Siam Discovery, Siam Centre and Siam Paragon. On the other side, there’s an open-air shopping boutiques called “Siam Square”

Siam Square has been popular from generations to generations with rapid changes in term of infrastructures and shops. With the rental price getting higher, it is difficult for shop keepers to keep their business running, One of my friends, Tim whose clothing brand ” Heidi’s Secret”  used to have a shop at Siam Soi 3 now moved to Thong Lor, another trendy area because of the rental hikes.  However, there are still things that hadn’t really change hidden right in the middle of Siam Square.  Even I was surprised.

There are probably many fixtures that had become symbols of Siam Square, from the restaurants such as Sri-Fah, Doo-Dee Noodles or even New Delight.  Some of these restaurants at Siam are probably about 40 years old. Personally though,  when I think of Siam, one thing that comes to my mind is the stall selling  various snacks


Snacks Shop at Siam Square

Although the shop moves around over the years, but the snacks they sell remains the same and one of the popular ones is called ”  Kha-nom-krok-Bai-Toey”  I am not sure if there’s a name in english, but I’d call it Pandan Sponge Cake.  It has a great aroma and color from pandan leaves and the texture is very light and spongy. I am not sure about the history of this in relation to Siam Square, but since I started going there, probably nearly 20 years ago, the Pandan cake was already existed. It would be very interesting to find out though. Apart from the sponge cake, the shop also sells other thai snacks such as ” Bah Bin” made from rice flour and shredded coconuts as well as fresh fruits.


Uncle Boonchuai and the shrine, in front of Starbucks closed to Novotel Siam Square

Not far from the shop, I noticed for the fist time, an old man sitting next to the Buddhist shrine. I must’ve walked past this shrine thousands of time, but never took much notice about it. So after praying to the shrine I decided  to sit down and talk to him.

His name is Boonchuai, a 75 year old man who had been in Siam square area for more than 50 years and had been guarding the shrine for the past 15 years. I think he’s super cool. We talked about Siam Square, his work, and also how holy the shrine is.  He seems to have a firm belief on that, so I asked him whether his wishes ever come true…but he didn’t answer.


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