The Moon God “Rahu” And I and the “black” food Part 1

7 Jan

I was told recently by Auntie Mimi, a family friend of mine who seems to have a superstitious power that I will need to worship the “Moon God ” or “Phra Rahu”  since he will be in my life for the next twelve years.

When I first heard about this, I was in shock, and the first thought that came into my mind was that   Will I have bad luck for the next 12 years? That can be no good.  However, Auntie Mimi said that if I worship him the right way, my luck can change as Rahu can also brings good luck.  So I spent the next half an hour listen to her, wrote down all the requirements and trying to comprehend what needed to be done.  I won’t go into details here as it might be a bit confusing.


Rahu under the Hindu God, Narai (L)

Basically, to worship Rahu you’ll require to offer him “Black”  food, black candles and incenses and some flower garlands. Mimi told me to make the merit by offering food to the monks, which started in semi-disaster but ended quite well last Wednesday. As well as releasing the eels and doing some other rituals which I didn’t quite complete.  Finding Black food is quite hard enough and what I did was offering monk Black Rice and fried thousand years eggs (yes there’re black eggs!) with some minced pork in soya sauce. The dessert was black jelly.


Food offering to Rahu comes in a golden tray along with 12 incense, a candle and flower garland

This week, because I was still in the new year celebration mood I forgot to prepare the food so what I did yesterday was to go to a temple called ” Wat Traimitr”  which I had visited once before.  They have a big statue of the Moon and Sun gods and also have some food already prepared on the tray.  Unfortunately I could not get the photos of all the food as the shopkeeper feared that someone might copied her!  But what was on the tray though were such as coffee candy, banana toffees,a thousand years egg (the pink one on the photo)  some black beans and something else I couldn’t remember all wrapped  in the plastic bag.  I thought that was kind of poorly done and I hadn’t seen any hot food on the tray.


Some food on the tray

I asked the lady for advice what kind of cooked food should I offer to the Rahu, it seems like she didn’t know much either so she just said  “Black Chicken,  Black whole chicken”

Hmm.. I don’t think I want to buy 12 chicken every week to give to the monk though, but maybe I will cook something with the black chicken and hope that it will turn out right next time.

I will try to post what I made for the monk every week with the “black” food. Lets see if I can be creative about this.



One Response to “The Moon God “Rahu” And I and the “black” food Part 1”

  1. Thai Info January 8, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    Rahu isn´t a god, Rahu is a demon.
    Rahu brings chaos, mystery and cruelty.
    He isn´t a moon god, he´s been eating the sun and the moon, which causes an eclipse.

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