The Boat Noodles

4 Jan

Since my external HDD crashed last week, I was frantically looking through photos that are left storing in my different memory cards.  Unfortunately my external HDD can not be rescue, so, I’m picking it up today and will have to think about whether to depart from it nicely or just hammer it down.

While I was searching through folders after folders, I realized that there is a topic I want to blog about but did not for some reasons, it is Kuay-Tiew-Rua or “The Boat Noodles” The dish got its name because it used to be sold on a boat in the river or canals.  Travel by boat used to be the main transportation means for people in central part of Thailand, so it’s not uncommon to see people selling food on the boats.

Boat Noodles' original boat

In the past, when people used to live along the river, the boat selling food would stop by the pier and people would gather around and order the food.  The boat noodles were like that too, the one of the characteristics of the boat noodles is that they are served in a small bowls enabling the customer to hold  in one hand, while using the chopsticks on the other hand.

The boat Noodles

Usually a portion of boat noodles is equivalent to 2-3 portion of the normal bowl of Thai noodles so on average, people can eat about 2 to 4 bowls. The flavor of boat noodles are quite intense, the dark color of the soup is from the fresh pork’s blood that gives strong thick flavor. The dish is usually comes with sliced beef or pork and often added the beef balls or pork balls and various part of the beef/pork (liver, heart etc)  as well as bean sprouts and Chinese morning glory.  Personally, I like the rice noodles stick or Sen-Lek with just sliced beef and vegetables, and the taste usually already good so there’s no need to add on any condiments…unless there’s pork crackles available.

People enjoy the noodles by the river

A few months ago, a friend took me to his favorite boat noodles place, apparently it’s quite famous, but I didn’t know about this.  I thought it was quite cool to sit by the river and enjoy the scenery (people eating noodles) as well as watching the old man making noodles.

Boat Noodles on the Shore

Judging from his look, he must’ve been in late 70s or early 80s and he probably used to sell his noodles in the canal before. I would’ve loved to stay on and chit chat with him, but unfortunately I could not as we had to rush off for a meeting. So after 2 bowls of noodles each, we said good bye to him but it won’t be the last time for my visit.  The noodles cost us about 60 baht or US$2.00 so it was like $0.50 each!  Definitely worth a second visit.




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  1. orawan January 7, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

    nice pictures.

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