Thai style Candy : My childhood’s lolly.

26 Dec


Although I spent my time equally for my education in both Thailand and in Australia, but nothing can beat my childhood’s memory of street snacks. Well..what can I say when, for the first time when I was five or six and I discovered for the first time the packed chips, or the icy-pops or even the dried crumbled instant noodles. Basically those things that were forbidden in my house, I tried them all. .

Everyday after school, I would ran out to get those snacks  from many of the carts parked in front of my school. While other stalls came in basket or pushed carts selling variety of food,  there was a man who came with his old wooden box contained two colored semi-melted sugar, the scoop to scoop the sugar with, wooden sticks and scissors.

The candy stall

The magic of this is, he only used his hands and scissors to shaped the semi-melted sugar dyed in red and green into different animals.  To these days, I still don’t know what it is called in Thai, but I remember I was in awe every time the lolly seller man in front of my school use the small scissor to cut the sugar into shape.  My favorite shapes..well.. there are monkey with the fishing rod, rose, and dragon which is the hardest..

Candy Man with his carefully wrapped candy

Fast forwards almost twenty years, the old man that sold those red and green lollies has disappeared. The other day I went into the Centennial celebration of  the prestige Vajiravudh College, an all-boys Thai boarding school, I encountered the sugar lolly box again and I ran straight into it.  I asked him to make a dragon…and watched the sugar man made it.  The magic wasn’t there anymore…I was secretly disappointed….the dragon was not like what I remembered and it cost me 20 baht.

My 20 baht dragon in making

This man claimed that he had been doing this for over 20 years, but he could not make the dragon the way it was… I looked at it as he poked the stick into pink foam attached to the top of the stall for photos.  I wasn’t really sure what to think.. maybe the color? maybe it was too hard for him to make that’s why it was 20 baht? Anyway, from a small chit chat I made with him, he said yellow and white color sugar are added into the original dark green and rosy red color sugar, the color also changed into less scary looking (ie eatable looking color as to not to scarred mothers off ).

The Dragon, Seriously?

Well.. I thought to myself I should stop questioning. I was happy enough to find this.  The candy man wrapped my dragon in a plastic bag.  If it was me 20 years ago, I would’ve said to him not to bother, as I would love to have a tast of that sweet candy right away, but me 20 years later…I only wanted to help this man out so I also bought 2 more candy sticks for the price of 10 baht each.

Multi color semi-melted sugar paste

I walked out from the lolly cart with 3 lollies in my hand..semi-satisfied but on the other hand, at least I now know that a part of my childhood still existed. That’s enough to make me happy

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Because today is Christmas….Merry Christmas everyone!…We had roasted Turkey on Christmas Eve, and sure enough, my next entry will probably be leftovers Turkey Congee or something more creative…Stay tune for the recipe..!


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