Hanoi : THE best coffee @Hu’ang Mai cafe

21 Oct

If I said in my last entry that coffee at Pho 24 was good, today I’ve probably found one of the best coffee I had so far in Hanoi.

It was during my little experiment/adventure that I found this shop. I was actually wanted to go to the cathedral and without a map I decided to just walk in one direction.  I only knew that if I kept on turning right I’ll eventually get there… and yes I did.


My final destination, the famous cathedral in Hanoi


However, I had found the amazing  Hu’ang Mai Cafe‘ first.  After walking out of some alley selling motorbike’s parts and some rain shields, I found myself at the Hang Manh road full of hotels and tour companies.  But what caught my eyes was a shop with stack of coffee bean jars which immediately drawn me in.

I was quite impressed with the shop front, and it would be rude if I would just taking photos without ordering some coffee. So I ordered one without any expectation. Well…with only a table in the shop and no menu or price tag, I wasn’t even sure if they serve coffee, or just selling coffee beans.

Hu’ang Mai Cafe, for me is just what I needed!

After about 5 minutes of communicating that I wanted a glass of iced coffee,  the lady at the shop finally understood me. She took out an already made black coffee in the bottle, pour it in the thermal bottle  and mixed it up with condense milk, put the lid back.  Then just simply shook it. . I’ve seen it all before..some shops in Thailand do that too.

But I think she was having fun there.  And after a minute or so…my “best” cup of coffee so far on this trip was ready

This tiny glass of coffee cost $1 or 20,000 VND. It was so good that I had to order my second glass, while I was half way through my first.

I wasn’t sure what kind of coffee beans she used there, but another customer who came in after me said that it was WEASEL

” We are drinking coffee made from Weasel’s poops there” he said with a little smile before emptying his glass.

Oh well,  weasel’s poops or not… it was worth it!

I was so excited that I had found this place, I promised the shop lady that I will definitely return.  This will be my afternoon treats for the rest of my stay!

Hu’ong Mai Cafe’

15 Hang Manh Rd.

Huan Kiem District



2 Responses to “Hanoi : THE best coffee @Hu’ang Mai cafe”

  1. mattabar March 5, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    so many lovely coffee shops in hanoi, and great prices too, Thailand has a lot to learn, please ban Nescafe!!!

    • Pailin March 5, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

      I’ve never been a big fan of Nescafe, yes and Thailand still has a lot to learn about coffee culture. I don’t mind old style cafe’ though

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