Hanoi Food: Meeting Zach at Pho 24

19 Oct
Yesterday, my friend had an afternoon off work, so we decided to walk around town to check out what it’s like.  By about 2 pm,  I was hungry, so we decided to stop by  Pho 24, a franchise Vietnamese noodles by the Hoan Kiem Lake.
Right after the order which consisted of Pho Bo (Beef Noodles soup) and 2 iced coffee, a cute little boy came into the restaurant and decided to come straight to us. His name was  Jack… err.. no it’s actually Zach, he corrected me with perfect English.

Zach who's got his free drink and dessert from me

Zach is a 4 year-old Vietnamese boy who apparently loves to speak English and probably speak English with  his parents at home.  He seemed familiar with the restaurant and the staff there, so I guessed  he lives in the area.  At first I guess he just wanted to practice his English with us, but after about 10 minutes he invited himself to sit next to me  I then realized that he probably wanted to make new friends ..and eventually get some free food.  He charmed us by trying his best to teach easy Vietnamese  as well as introducing us to the food by trying to put various condiments into my Pho….(which explained why I haven’t got any photos taken of my yummy Pho Bo )… How cute!

Happy Zach and me with watermelon juice & caramel custard

Zach is definitely a boy with attitude and loves attention.and oh…although he claimed he loved Lady Gaga, so when I asked him to sing expecting him to sing Gaga’s song.. he actually sang Beyonce’s “Single Lady”  for me.  So when I corrected him, he simply said,
“I like Beyonce better”
….Cute again!…..
After listening to him singing and talking…I think I already know how he’s going to turn out when he grows up, though he insisted he wanted to be a doctor and a daddy. Before we left the restaurant, Zach ran out and came back to give us 2 roasted peanuts.  I think that was cute.. maybe it’s his way to say thank you for free snacks.  I couldn’t help but gave him a big hug.
We actually enjoy Zach’s company and the restaurant’s iced coffee so much that we drank about 5 glasses between us, we decided to go back for more today. Zach wasn’t there, but we had yummy snack of spring rolls and more iced coffee and I think if time permits, we probably going to go there everyday, just for the coffee.  (I am now officially drinking about 6 glasses of coffee everyday!!)

Pho 24's Spring rolls

Although I am of Chinese origin where  its people claim that all the good food are invented by them, but I seriously think that the Vietnamese do much better in their version of spring rolls and rice paper rolls, using rice paper instead of normal spring rolls wrapping, .. it is crunchy yet tasty, and the dip…very light but perfect.  When I have time, I will put the recipe for the rice paper rolls here on the blog.

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