Vietnamese Street food : Bun Cha

18 Oct

I was in Hanoi for the first time about 3 years ago, that was on the business trip.  One thing about Business trip though, we had local coordinator and Japanese coordinator who lives here who knows Hanoi inside out.  This time, it’s just my friend and I and we hadn’t got anything plan except my friend has to work at the Vietnam Film Festival.

So while my friend was working,  I, on the other hand…went straight to the food.  Hanoi is known for its street food so it is absolutely PERFECT to my liking.

Unfortunately for this trip, my camera doesn’t work so I have to take my photos from the iPhone which isn’t too bad but I still have to learn to make it better.

I arrived Vietnam yesterday morning, and just missed my friend who had left for the press conference. having been up since 3.30 am, I needed some sleep, but my hunger had more power, so I decided to get dress and went out, hoping for coffee and some croissants…but I found something else…

Bun Cha!

The place I went is called  Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim  (67 Duong Thanh Street, Old Quarter) not far from where I am staying. Maybe it was early, but there weren’t many people there.  Not knowing a word of Vietnamese (except Bun – Noodles) I just did what I kind of did best.. sign language!

Since the restaurant only serve one dish, that was easy…  few minutes later there it was, a set of Bun Cha

Bun Cha consists of  noodles, a big plate of fresh mixed vegetables, pork patties and pork meat and the spring rolls, I’m not sure how the local eat it but I figured,just dipping noodles in the pork bowl and just eat it. What Ever… it is good!

The pork is actually in the mixture of the vinegar, sugar, fish sauce and water, underneath it are sliced raw papaya.  In Thailand we would put cucumber instead.  I wish the sauce is stronger though.  More fish sauce and vinegar will be perfect.

The spring rolls that comes in the set, I think it’s crab spring rolls.  very fresh and crispy. but I couldn’t finish it…they just give me too much!


While I was slurping my Bun Cha, I heard familiar sound.. broken English in Thai accent.  There was a man from Thai Embassy came to order Bun Cha back to Thailand.  I almost reach out to him and say hi, but since he didn’t speak good English (or Vietnamese) I guess he wasn’t actually “from” the embassy but visiting someone at the embassy.

Over all,  the Bun Cha was great and it only cost me 70,000 VND which is just 3.5 USD I had to take my friends back there again only an hour later and of course… they loved it.



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