Tuk Tuks in the market

28 Aug

Yesterday I happened to be at Bangkok’s Flowers’ market  ” Pak Klong Talad” early in the morning for the experimental shoot (film that is.. ). Being obsessed with the fresh market to start with, while I was waiting for the crew to arrived I decided to quickly checked the place out and was amazed to find that there are so much life to it.

As many people knows, if you visit Bangkok, you must try  Tuk Tuks once. For local people here, Tuk Tuks do not only transport people, but also can be hired to transport other things as well.. amongst them are food.

I stopped  by the row of  Tuk Tuks carrying fresh vegetables and asked them how this work .  One of the drivers said that it’s depends on who hired them.  Usually though it would be the regulars that goes to this market, mainly small restaurants or grocery stores.

Tuk Tuk  can also be hired to take you around as well.

How much ? I asked

He answered, ” Depends on where you want to go”

I thought that it’s a little tricky…if I was going to hire the Tuk Tuk for the whole day, I’d say 1000 THB max for photo shoot.  If it’s for sightseeing I would say probably about 700-800 THB and that’s quite generous already giving the price of van rental in Bangkok with driver is on average of 1,800 THB a day.

Ok, now that I’m writing about Tuk Tuks and sightseeing….just some words of thought,  Do not trust the drivers when they say something like  “Grand Palace is closed today, let’s go see the jewelery factory”

That’s 99.99% a lie.

What you should do is walk away when they say the place you want to go is closed and trying to take you elsewhere and get the next tuk tuk.  The chance that you would meet these tricky tuk tuks are slim though, it’s always safer to hail those who pass by you rather than get into the ones already waiting at well-known tourist places.

Maybe next time I should blog about precautioned while travelling in SEA?… but then  that won’t be the food blog..

Let me know your thought though, and maybe I will write it as a special entry.


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