…Noodles Noodles Noodles…

3 Jul

If I have to live with one kind of food for the rest of my life, it’ll definitely be noodles. In Beijing noodles are made of flour, which is typical for the Northern part of China where the it’s too cold to grow rice. I was disappointed at first when I first arrived in Beijing not to find rice noodles which are from the South, where my ancestors are from.

However, after exploring what noodles are available in the north, they are not that bad at all, in fact I could substitute those flour/wheat noodles for the rice noodles in many of my recipes. So for this trip in Beijing, after I had enough Jiaozi, I moved on to noodles….and I found myself quite like the knife cut noodles or Dao Shao Mian.

Last time I had the Dao Shao Mian noodles was at the Noodle Loft in Beijing .  We kind of had a hard time finding the restaurant, as weweren’t familiar with the area, but in fact it was very easy to find and the noodles were good (the  story on our adventure is for another time to tell).  However, for this time, I was simply walked around the food court on the Yashow market while waiting for friend to finish the mani-padi at Lily’s Nails, and here is what I’ve found…


Knife Cut Noodles with Eggplants

This is basically boiled noodles with different toppings. I didn’t get to see if it’s really the knife cut ones, as it got send from the back of the kitchen for the lady in front of the shop to pour the topping on. For the price of  10 RMB it is not bad at all.

My next knife cut noodles quest was found in the neighborhood of Shuang Jing.  I was actually looking for cold noodles but couldn’t find any, so I ended up at this restaurant getting whatever I could, but it turned out to be much more interesting than I thought.



2 portions of Knife Cut Noodles that can feed the whole family

I met with Si Ming Yuan the cook who is nice enough to let me take photos and a video of how he make the noodles. as well.  So ended up talking to him and observing him on how he make the noodles, which I thought was very impressive.


Cooking the noodles

He obviously got good skills in making the noodles and went out of his ways to explain what toppings I could put on my noodles. I ended up having mixed topping for my noodles, the tomato and eggs and the beef  stewed. The noodles cost 7 RMB each so I only paid 14 RMB for huge portions of noodles that ended up lasting us for the next two meals.

As my Mandarin speaking skills were not as good as before, I couldn’t make much conversation, however, the same old trick always work.  I’m a foreigner who happened to be of Chinese origin,  so we talked about the hometown and food and stuff.  Surprisingly he knew what was going on in Bangkok which was cool, I think we could get along.


The man in the noodle booth

Our conversation went on and on, and more people joined in. I took my photos with my iPhone and the waitresses were curious, so within 10 minutes of waiting for my noodles, I was popular.  I even got the phone number of the noodle man because I said to him that I will come find him next time I’m in Beijing.  He said that he probably won’t be there, so he gave me the phone number.

Maybe I’ll take him to Thailand for my Jiaozi & noodle restaurant project? or maybe I’ll ask him to teach me to make the noodles…that is something I’m very looking forward to.


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