Reacquainting myself with Jiaozi in Beijing

25 Jun

After a 5 hours flight at 1 am and barly 2 hours sleep later…I found myself back in Beijing, the city I left almost a year ago to go back home in Bangkok. I came here with a purpose but my hidden agenda is, of course FOOD !!

My first meal after 3 hours nap at an apartment in Shuang Jing was at “Shuang Jing Xuan” a seafood restaurant that also serves Jiaozi or Chinese dumplings, so the full name of this restaurant is actually Shuang Jing Xuan, Seafood and Dumplings Restaurant.

One of the very first comments I made when I was taken there was how does seafood and dumpling restaurant goes together?… well it doesn’t… really…. Seafood in Beijing is something I would avoid as Beijing has no sea..or river which means the seafood is not as fresh as the coastal towns.

Anyway… as I approached the restaurant, I took my camera out and snapped the restaurants exterior only to be yelled at by Chinese security guard thinking I was trying to get information to copy their logo or something. I was told by my friend to pay no attention to them.

Shuang Jing Xuan Seafood & Dumpling Restaurant

After sitting down and looked at the menu, we decided to ordered four dishes….I know I know.. a bit too much for two people, but we can always do “Da Bao”  or takeaways, beside I was starving and ready for my Jiaozi quest.  We ordered 2 types of jiaozis,  one boiled and one fried, eggplants and minced pork and a salad. While Jiaozis here are not the best, but surely can cure my cravings.

Boiled dumplings

I was never a dumpling fan until I came to China.  One of my first experiences in Beijing was watching an old lady making the dumpling skins in “Hutong”  and ate about 5 kinds of dumplings. In Beijing you can either make your own dumpling skins or you can buy the already made ones from the market very cheaply. There are also many varieties but my favourite ones always either cabbage and pork or Chives and pork.

Fried dumplings

Fried dumplings

The Chinese eat dumplings with soy sauce, but I find black vinegar and a bit of chilli oil makes equally good dip. (if you do not have black vinegar, just simply mix soy sauce with white vinegar) The cost of the jiaozis are usually very could get six to eight jiaozis from 8 RMB up, but usually they come with much bigger portion than that. A plate of jiaozis here in this restaurant can easily serve 2 people.

For the next few days, I am hopeing to go on the jiaozi adventure.  My goal is to find the best jiaozis in town….(and a bit of cold glass noodles)

If anyone in Beijing reads this blog, feel free to give me some tips.. and I shall make my way to where the jiaozis are.


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