Old style Ice-cream in Chiang Rai’s mountain

19 Jun

Yesterday I went up to Chiang Rai for a day of work.

Right before we wrapped up the shoot at the mountain slope somewhere on the way to Doi Mae Salong, I saw a man on a motorbike riding down from the  mountain.  He slowed down when he saw us and shout to us,

” Ao I Ti  Ma?”

I had to asked him to repeated it several times until I finally got what he was saying, after all he’s a minority where Thai is obviously not his first language. What he was saying was ” Ao I-tim mai?” or would you like someI t icecream?

I turned around to the guys who were still working asking if they wanted some ice-cream. It was a hot day, so I didn’t hear “no” from the crew.

Mr ice-cream seller then parked his bike near our car, and unlock the steel box at the back of  his bike.  When he opened the lid, I had to see what the ice-cream were like. I was secretly hoping for yummy chocolate ice-cream.

But unfortunately,  there was no chocolate ice-cream. I was not sure what flavor they were. but sure enough ..they was yummy enough and saved us from the 3 pm heat.

My multicolored ice-cream cost 10 baht.  I bought four, one for all. It was yummy enough but a bit too sweet.  I finally figured out what flavor it was, well at least one of it anyway..it was “Kati” or coconut milk!  This type of ice-cream is called “I-Tim Tud”  meaning the block ice-cream that has been cut, it is quite an old-styled ice-cream and rarely seen in the city. My driver, Thongkam being a very talkative person found out that this ice-cream was made in his village by his village people in Mae Chan district.
I was too concentrate on trying to eat my ice-cream before it all melted on the ground, otherwise I would’ve chat to the ice-cream man a  bit more, but I managed to ask him to post for the picture. Judging from his smile, he must be one of the happiest man around here.

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