Exploring the local Thai-Burmese Market- A trip to Mae Sot (2)

3 Apr

While we were in Mae Sot, there was a little free time, my new friend Chris and I then decided to go to the local market in Mae Sot town.I’ve asked the name of the market from the local people…they seemed to be confused themselves too. But this market is known to the local people as “Talard See Mon,” combining Thai and Burmese goodies.

A rickshaw man and his dog

On the right hand side of the market near the entrance, there are rows of rickshaws waiting for the customers, but when we got there after lunch, I guess the shoppers had done their shopping for the day, so rickshaw men were just chatting and resting under the shade.

I thought the dog was so cute but he was a little thin. When I took a
snap of him he would just stare at a camera with curiously. It
reminded me of my dog at home.

I should’ve asked how much he charged, but instead I walked away.
Maybe when I’m up there next…I will definitely look out for him.
Wondering how much it cost for him to peddle me around the city…

Issan Sausage

Walking a little bit more to the left, I saw this man grilling
sausages. I thought they were northern-style sausages or “Sai-Oua” but I was wrong. They were Issan sausages, the northeastern-style sausages made from pork and vermicelli. I guess the northeastern food influence has really spread all over the country. This is one of the great examples.

To eat Issan sausage, I usually wrap it with fresh cabbage and sliced ginger. That’s a great combination. They are a little oily so one or two of those would be more than enough.

Frogs...big ones....50 baht each ..anyone?

Then … I saw something that made me speechless, almost made me jump once I realized what they were after trying to figure out by getting my face closed to them. Frogs … both dead and alive. I know that some Thai people do eat frogs (and the French too, of course with the frog legs) but I never seen them being sold before.

I asked the frog lady while she was taking the skin off the frogs howmuch they cost, she said ”50 baht.”

Wow, expensive, I thought, but I guess that they are delicacy for
those who are in favor of eating frogs and other weird stuff.

This must be something...cleaning the frogs!

On the way out of the market, I stopped and looked at how the frog skin was taken off. I couldn’t really stand it, as I’m not usually into those animals, and had to take photos from a distance to avoid any liquid splashed from the little animals to get to me.
But I have to admit though, the lady who was doing the job was doing pretty well, a bit unfriendly when she realized that we were not going to buy any of her goodies, but definitely good at her job.

(To be continued on the next entry)


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