Walking Around In Time Of Chaos

16 Mar

This weekend I’ve been wandering around the Old Bangkok area or Rattanakosin trying to look around for new idea for this blog.  Unfortunately, a part of Old Bangkok area is full of people who are rallying against the government.  I will try not to be political here since this is suppose to be fun blog (my point-of-view can be found on my twitter @_willowtree_)

The Red Guards having lunch at 4.30 pm

On Friday, I was at Rajdamnoen Avenue where the UDD aka Red Shirts people were setting up for the big rally on Sunday, on the way back, I saw two “red guards” having lunch, so I started talking to them just out of curiosity.

Sticky rice and ....???

They tried to explain to me that it was sticky rice and some sort of meat.  I thought it was kind of a Thai Sour Sausage (Naam) with Thai dips or something.  They probably would’ve let me try some if I asked as they were being super nice, but I had to pass either way.

15 baht Rice with Omlette

There were lots of interesting food selections at the rally and I still feel guilty for not walking around and take photos of the food which I’m sure would be interesting, as the protesters are from around the country and most of them are from the countryside, so there must be a lot more unfamiliar food for me to see. It would be interesting should the circumstance be different…anyway….

– – – – – – – – – –

Today, I went to check out the area near the rally site by boat. What I saw when I arrived at Tha Tian was that it was really quiet, apart from few tourists who probably couldn’t care less about what happen in the city. But my favourite juice man was still there!.

The Juice Man!

When I first met him, it was probably a year ago, his juice stall is just right outside of the Tha Tian Pier on the left hand side. My friend Sarah and I stopped by and bought some juice off him and we liked it a lot, so when I saw him again this morning, I stopped by for a bottle of “Dragon Fruit Juice” (30 baht) and chit-chat.  After advertised the benefits of drinking dragon fruit juice, I asked him how business was, he said it was quieter than usual.  As I quietly observed for the next 15 minutes, he was right, I hadn’t seen any other customers apart from me.

Fruit Juice anyone?

As I was asking him for permission to take photo, some how my camera didn’t work and he commented with a laugh saying  that it happened before, probably because the amulets on his neck. As soon as he finished his sentence, the camera worked again..strange…!


As I walked along the footpath.. I saw this guy sitting on the street, and couldn’t resist to stop and ask what he was doing, to which he answered “having my lunch”  Yup… obviously he was and he was enjoying it despite sitting in the heat, and to me he was obviously waiting to open his business. However, as every second and fourth Mondays of the month, they are not allowed to sell stuff on the footpath, so he was simply waiting for the police to leave.

Red Shirt drinks seller

Just a little bit further down, I spotted this guy wearing red, he actually had the headband in his hand as well when I approached him.  He was clearly..pro-RED.  He said he’s been to the rally for the past two days, I’m sure he’ll join them again later that night.  I asked him to pose for the photos, which he did without questioning.

As much as I like to stay and walk around for more photos…I didn’t see the point, there were not as many stalls and the atmosphere was not quite the same. I decided to take the boat back home from Tha Chang Pier,  and the boat once again, filled with tourists.

What surprised  me was that none of the passengers on the boat I took both ways wear RED…nor YELLOW.


One Response to “Walking Around In Time Of Chaos”

  1. Bakery March 25, 2010 at 8:24 am #

    Nice reading your blog. I am a reader of your blog and my identity is an Asian American. The tsunami blog was great. I love your capture memory.

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