Current Fave in Bangkok…

8 Mar

Just a quick update while I’m trying to get out of my lazy mode and gather more interesting info about fabulous Thai food

I just had a birthday party over a week ago and found some faboulous places to eat in Bangkok. Start with BALCO a low key roof top bar on top of Royal City (Charoen Krung Rd, right next to Royal Orchid Sheraton).  Getting there is a bit tricky if you don’t know the way.. my sister got lost for half an hour and the narrow road got blocked by a few tourists’ coaches. (that was around 9.30 pm) and there’s no parking availiable…Anyway…once you get to the rooftop you’ll forget all the hazzle because the view is simply magnificant, overlooking all the Five-star hotels and yet very relaxed.  Drinks are cheap, starting from around 80 bahts, and nibbles start from 100 bahts. I suggest  that it’s best that you don’t drive, but just cab it there. Although we like it, there are still a lot to improve, but I’ll definitely return for quiet drinks with friends.

Next come Zanzibar on Sukhumvit 11,  I might be a bit bias, since the owner is my friend’s boyfriend but I can’t complain about anything. Having been there once before and had yummy Italian food, it was now time to try Thai food (and my girl friend suggests Thai Omlettes!)  We got there around 8.00 pm on Saturday night, the crowd were mostly foreigners which is no surprised, since Sukhumvit 11 is a tourist area full of clubs and restaurants.  We sat outside right in front of the live band. (though they are not attractive but …the  music skills are amazing) and ordered 3 dishes,  Pad Si-Ew, Green Curry  with Chicken and Hor Mok Seafood. Although it’s a bit pricy for the Thai food, but quality was superb. Kudos to you BUB! (he owes me his top 5 list)  I will definitely go back again with friends for casual dining and relax.

The next place is a very very popular Hyde &  bSeek restaurant on Ruamrudee Road.  Located next to Plaza Athinee Residence just next to the Ruamrudee Village.  I heard about it from my sisters who went there and loved it so much so I decided to go there with my best friend on my birthday night, just the two of us since 1) I’ve already celebrated and 2) he didn’t make it.  So …anyway.., it was the first time that I was with 2 other groups of people who went there to celebrate their birthdays too, we almost wish we could crash their parties..hmm. Although the restaurant still in their soft opening period, but it had become an IT place to be. The crowd are young and hip with occationally celebs,  I didn’t go inside  to inspect the decor, but from the look of it, it reminds me of MAD MEN … but I’m sure it’s nice.  Their temporary menu consists of food created by the famous Chef Ian Kittichai with the range of Staters, Pasta, Fish, Meat and Dessert.  We decided to order four dishes to share, Deep Fried Squid, the Ribs, feta salad and duck brests.  While all the food were delicious, what i liked most was the dessert, yummy melt in the mouth Chocolate Pot.. not too sweet not too creamy…PERFECT! (my friend attempted to put the candle in there out of a pity that I hadn’t blown one yet…but it didn’t really work that way).  Not only Hyde & Seek’s food are great, but they also have good selections of wine and cocktails…and since it’s still soft opening, you can simply go to the bar and get what ever not in the menu..or so I was told…. 

So there’s my new fave places… I’m hoping to go to my all time favourite place ” Phra Arthit Rd” soon, but looks like, that will have to be next month..or when the situation in Bangkok is more stable… meanwhile, I am planning the gourmet tour around Bangkok with Bub, Zanzibar’s owner and the gang… that will be exciting and I will definitely share with you all.


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