Red food at the Red rally in Silom RD (2)

20 Feb

I’d say that the Friday’s rally wasn’t as big as the one before for the red shirt, there weren’t that many vendors around and merchandising were also less. But again, it wasn’t a long rally, just 6 hours and the space covered wasn’t that big. 

While there were a lot of vendors set up, some people also choose to do old style, which is walking around carrying their goodies. 

Pork Crackles anyone?

This guy is selling the pork crackles, good as a condiments with either Thai spicy dip or the Thai papaya salad or just eat on its own. Yummy but very fattening. 

Sticky rice and Pork sheet in the basket

I’ve seen lots of sticky rice and some sort of meat being really popular here. I think that it’s equivalent of sandwiches here.  Easy to eat and easy to clean, great for picnic food indeed.

Dried meat...

It’s obviously very popular because when I went back to the same vendor an hour later, the meat were all gone.

Happy Dried Meat Seller

 I think that it’s because they were quite cheap, 4 strips for 15 bahts that’s why this vendor was popular amongst both passer by and the raller goers. 

 I guess for the Non-Thai people who are visiting Thailand who wants to try the street food, as long as they’re freshly cooked it should be OK to try.

Just try not to get yoursef in trouble, and enjoy the experience, maybe there’ll be more photos and story from the future rallies from  me.   


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