Phuket 3:Night Life

31 Jan

I’m not much of a night life person but sometimes, it’s just fun to go and see. Since we are on holiday,  my girl friend  who flew in to meet me and I decided to check out the night life in Phuket and enjoyed girls night out.  At dinner one night, we asked the staff at the restaurant where would be the best hang out place.  There’s no surprised that he did not really recommended Patong, but we decided to go anyway.  Our aim was to find somewhere with the live band. If the place was chic to, great, if not..well,  they still worth looking.

Patong : Magarita & Scruffy Murphy’s

The first night we decided to go to Patong since there was still some Boots shopping to do. After dinner, we decided to walk to Bangla Street to the famous Magarita Bar. While other bars looked pretty empty, this bar was packed with tourists chilling to the great Rock bands. We arrived just after 10 and managed to squeeze into the corner table. Everything went great until the first band was gone and the guys at the table next to us decided to grab 2 bar girls who were on the street, anyway….. We then moved to the other bar, while my girl friend wanted to check out Banana we walked pass Scruffy Murphy‘s and decided to check it out. Again, it was packed but with different crowded, less hardcore and more fun. The band was fantastic playing mixture of songs and since there were a lot of Aussies that night and a few Swedish. Guess what song they played…… other than ABBA’s  “Dancing Queen” and it was fun watching people singing and dancing along to the tune.

By the time we knew it, it was after 1 am, and we needed to head back to the hotel but we still needed to check out one more place, Banana which is just around the corner of Bangla on the beach road with a big banana sign right in front of the club. By the time we got there, it wasn’t even worth it going in, with 200 baht entrance fee and closing time at 2.00am, but I think my friend already made decision to go there  next time she comes.

Phuket Town : Timber Hut

Two nights later, we decided to get away from the beach and headed to Phuket Town. I had wanted to head into town for a bit of exploring earlier, but it was as nice when we got dropped off by the hotel’s car around 7.30 pm in Phuket’s Chinatown and walked around a bit seeing the buildings’ architectures before finding our way to Timber Hut. We were there a little bit too early, but it was good to use that time to talk to the bartenders and checked out the atmosphere. It was typical Thai(ish) bar with the Western Country style influence. The crowd started to arrive just after 10 pm, and it wasn’t long before it got full with mixed Thai and foreign crowd despite the fact that it was Sunday.

I was told that we were lucky to come on Sunday as the house band was playing, I think there were 3 singers, two guys and one girl and they all were VERY good! The music varied from Thai pop music to current western music. My friend and I managed to made couple of friends there as well which was fantastic for our last night in Phuket. It was simply harmless friendly fun

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On the way back, we drove passed several local pubs,  I already marked them all in my head for my next visit. Next time when I’m in Phuket, I’ll make sure to stay in town as my colleague always does. It’s a better way to explore the city and locals. As for the beach…?  I think I might want to go somewhere else..just for variety.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Stay tune for my next blog entry, it’s been 5 years after Tsunami..and I would like to share with you my experience


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