Phuket 1

27 Jan


Phuket is not an expensive city if you know where to go. If you are Thai like me, it’s even better.  Melissa who spent the second half of my 10 days holiday with me claimed that  I am a “walking discount machine” when it comes to negotiating the price. I guess it’s not just because of that, a little chit chat to the street vendors and some Thai smiles always work.  

It was unfortunate that I didn’t make that much effort to search for local Phuket food. Having spent a month in Phuket working there during 2004 Tsunami as well as going back to Phuket 2 years in a row make me pretty familiar with the town and the locals. 

 Unfortunately,all the locals I befriended with couldn’t be contacted, so my plan to go local changed. My first half of holiday became very relaxed a doing-nothing kind of holiday. My second half of my holiday was to let  my skin recover from the sunburnt. But good food is still essential.  

The food Cart at the beach front.

 Most of the food we ate at the beach came from along the beachfront.
The price is not cheap — again Patong isn’t cheap anyway — but the
taste is  guaranteed to be good. Menus usually come in
both Thai and English so it’s easy for non-Thai speakers to
understand. Food from these carts are rice and noodle dishes. From
Padthai to Fried Rice, or Rice with some sort of dishes. 

For those who are not familiar with Thai food, I suggest be bold, you
are on a holiday! Instead of ordering Pad Thai or Pad Si-Ew, try “Phad
Kee Mao” or spicy stir-fried rice noodles. Instead of ordering ordinary fried rice, go for the canned sardine fish fried rice. It’s really yummy! 

There are lots of other food carts on the Beach Road, but more interesting ones are right on the beach. While on the beach I saw two very cute kids waiting for their food at a local sandwich shop. They look like they are about four and six years old.

The cute Thai-Austrailan kid waits for his food

They turned out to be the shop owner’s friend’s sons and they are siblings, half-Thai and half-Australian living Queensland and would come to visit their father’s friends every year in Phuket. 

Two brothers and their yummy sandwiches

I think they will grow up to be handsome men! After this photo was taken, they ran off and disappeared with their free sandwiches from a kind uncle. 

One of the Food Sellers in Patong

The prices of food sold around the beach are more expensive than if  you walk across the road to the other street stalls, but who could complain when people walk to you? We should give them credit for hard work and effort. Walking in the sun along the beach all day every day is no fun. But they still managed to smile.


2 Responses to “Phuket 1”

  1. Jamie Monk January 27, 2010 at 3:45 pm #

    Get out of Patong if you want the best local food – head to Phuket Town… Have a good stay!


    • addictedtofood January 27, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

      Hi Jamie, I know about the food in Phuket town.. I read your blog and thanks for the suggestions.

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