My friend’s favourite : Singapore’s Hawker Food

7 Dec

           When I think about Singaporian food, I think Chicken Rice, just because Singapore is famous for it.  Now that I know better having met many Singaporians and visited it several times, Singapore’s local food is much more than the Chicken Rice.  There are Nonya food, Indian food, Malay food and many more.  There are so much varieties considering the compact size of this country!

This weekend, my dear friend Melissa flew in from Shanghai where she currently works in a communication section for an international company  for her best friend’s wedding.  Being a Singapore-Chinese, I asked her what her local favorite food are, and of course she said ” The best food can be found at the Hawkar Stalls” spreading around Singapore.  Here are 5 of  her favourites

 1 )  Chicken Rice :  Yup.. Singapore’s National dish. Mel told me that rice is the secret. The rice is very important and a critical element for this dish.   Her favourite Chicken Rice place is at Hawker Centre in Sarangoon Garden.  Apparently, that place must have good rice. 

2) Chwee Kueh (pronounced : “Chui Guai”) : This is a Chinese Snack consists of rice cake in a Chinese tea-cup size topped with stirred fried  minced pork, minced shrimp and  “Chye Poh” (pronounced : Chai Pow : pickled turnip)with a touch of special made soya sauce. “It is the Chye Poh that makes the different but it also depends on the rice cake itself. It needs to be not too sticky, and some can be lumpy”  Her favourite place is at Tiaong Bahru Market.  Apparently we make this at home too. I promised Mel to send the photo of the Chwee Kueh when we make it.

3) Peranakan Cuisine :  Peranakan or Nonya cuisine is a mixture of Malay and Chinese food and the classic example is Laksa, the noodles in curry sauce. Having Peranakan heritage, Mel said that the best place for Peranakan cuisine is at her house, and after thinking of her favourite Nonya dish, Nonya Cake was what she’s craving for. 

Note : Peranakan food can be found in many places in Singapore. From the  Hawkers to very posh restaurants.

4) Sang Mein :  This is a cantonese style deep fried egg noodles topped with gravy sauce.  It can be found in any Hong Kong Style Hawker Stalls. ” The tip is, it depends on how crispy the noodles is” she said, and after a long pause, ” Pork Kidney is also important”

5) Kaya Toast  with half boiled eggs : This is a typical Peranakan breakfast dish, usually serve with Milk Tea or Milk Coffee.  The original Kaya Toast shop is at Killiney Road called Killiney Kopitiam

So, I think next time when I am in Singapore, I would definitely look for those food instead of  hunting for Chilli Crabs, and of course come back with my own favourite Singaporian hawker stalls.


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