Bangkok’s night food stall : my dinner after work

16 Nov

What I like about Bangkok is that you will never go hungry. You can find food any time of the day at just almost any corner of the city. I can’t quite imagine myself living in other part of the world where I can’t find food after 10 pm. I would just be starved to death. 

Fried variety of meats on sticks

fried food on sticks

For the next two months, my job takes me to Silom Road, by day it is the main business district of Bangkok, by night it is famous for night stalls and entertainments. I finished working late tonight and by the time I left the office  I was starving. There are many restaurants that  late to cater for foreign visitors but I opted for local delicacy.. ” Noodles”


Fishballs Noodle Cart

 There were three or four stalls on the left side of Silom road going towards Rama 4 from near Patpong to the begining of the road.  After observing some of the stalls for a while,  I decided to go to the one in front of Bangkok Christian Hospital.

My late night dinner

My Dinner

It is a dried rice noodle stick with fishballs and minced pork, my favourite combinations. While I was eating, I’ve got lots of attention from foreign visitors who would just look at my noodles and probably wondering what it was. So I just gave them basic explainations and even urged them to try. I guess my tactic actually worked, several Hong Kong people(who are already a big fan of fishballs rice noodles anyway) joined in

That bowl of noodles costed me only 40 baht, or just over a dollar…That’s on the expensive side already.  Typical noodles should cost about 25-30 bahts or about 90 cents……


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