Oysters and the Chinese Vegetarian Festival

2 Nov

Vegetable festival had finished about 10 days ago, there were nothing spectacular about it, except we lived on Tofu for about 9 days.  According to Chinese beliefs, apart from no meat allowed during the festival, some vegetables are banned as some would say that they triggered the sexual drive such as garlic and chives, but some excepions are onions and oysters. 

I couldn’t quite understand why Oysters are allowed during the so called  “Vegetable Festival” but it was explained both by my mother, who’s very strict on that and on TV that the story behind it was,  in the tales ” Journey to the East”  (for those who knows Chinese folk tales, Journey to the East is about an epic advanture of a monk and 3 animals on a journey India from China in order to bring back the Tripiṭaka) where at one point a monk was lost at the sea and there were nothing to eat.  The supposed vegetarian monk was nearly starving to dead, then the Goddess Kuan Yin appeared before him and gave him permission to eat what ever sea creature that he found first.  Thus he was saved by the oysters.

 So….everyone… oysters are allowed during vegetarian festival.  I was and still am pretty happy about it..since my family and I are into a restaurant called “The Oyster Bar” right now and became a regular there.  It’s a 3 storey’s shophouse tucked in a residental area within an easy reach from the CBD.  The crowd there are young and hip working people as well as the expats. Bill Marrinelli, the owner had been supplying fresh seafoods to many of the five-star hotels in Bangkok for many years before decided to open his own seafood restaurant.  He’s definitely made a right move!


Fresh Oysters at Oyster Bar Bangkok

The oysters here are imported from overseas and have more than 20 different kinds on the menu, but there would be about 6-8 different kind on daily basis.  So everytime we are there, the well trained waitresses would tell us what’s new.  Apart from the oysters, they also have great lobsters and kings crabs that need to be pre-ordered because they only have limited numbers of those.

Last Saturday, “The Oyster Bar” welcomed its sibbling restaurant ” The Seafood Bar” at Sommerset Lake Point on Sukhumvit 16 Road, my family was invited to the grand openings, I went there in time for a super delicious lobster bisque… it was devine!  Although I was full from dinner I had from a colleague’s wedding, but lobster bisque there?…..I could have second, third and fourth servings….. The Seafood bar’s menu is more extensive than The Oyster Bar, according to Chris, the manager he said that it would serve more range of seafood and oysters.  Next time I’m there I’ll be sure to look at the menu.

– – – – – – – – – –

The Oyster Bar

395 Narathiwas 24

Across the Oakwood  City Residence

Tel : +66 2 212 4809



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