My Top Ten Thai made-to-order dishes

5 Sep

In Thailand, there are lots of local places that sell “Made to order” or tailored made food which means that the cook will make the food according to customers needed. Some of those restaurants will have menus on the board but they would also cook something outside the menu as well. For me, every time I go to those places I would order the same things over and over again.  I will post my Top 10 below and the recipes will come soon: 

1.)Stir fried basil chopped chicken over rice with fried egg:  This is my all time favourite, I love the texture of the holy basil and chopped chickens together with the fried egg.  I think it should be Thailand’s national dish as opposed to the curry.

2.)Fried garlic pork and fried eggs over rice : This is also a simple but delicious dish but for those who don’t like garlicy smell afterwards, you can ask “the chef” to put less garlic into the dish.  The other option is …just pop some mints into your mouth after the meal.

3.)Egg Tofu and minced pork soup : This is the dish I usually order when I don’t feel like heavy lunch, normally Chinese seaweed also included as well. 

4.)Stir-fried cabbage and mushrooms with rice :  I just love eating cabbage, sometimes I substitute the mushrooms with minced pork. 

5.)Chilli Chicken over rice : This dish has a little Chinese influence in it because of the magic sauce (Oyster Sauce) 

6.)Thai styled Onion Omelets with rice : This dish is only for when I can’t really think of what to eat, but believe it or not, for most of the Thai people, omelet is the most popular dish at home.

7.)Minced pork soup noodles:  Sometimes the made-to-order place will sell noodles as well, but it’s very very rare. So when I found the place that also sell noodles I would just order the minced pork noodles.

8.)Fried rice :  Any kind of fried rice is good for a  quick lunch especially pork and Chinese broccoli fried rice.

9.)Beef in oyster sauce with rice : when I find the shop that has beef, I would order the dish.  Some of the Thai-Chinese do not eat beef because of the religious beliefs

10)Stir-fried Chinese broccoli and crispy pork with rice : This is also very tasteful dish, especially if the Chinese broccoli’s leaves are young.  Sometimes this dish reminded me of Australia, I used to order it take-away from my favourite Thai restaurant all the time.

I will be posting the recipes with photos when I can. Most of the Thai restaurants overseas also serve these dishes, if they don’t, well someone should tell them to put these dishes in their menus.


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