Snacks shopping at Phufa Shop

15 Aug
The other day my mother mentioned to me about  Phufah shop’s ice-cream so we decided to make a quick dash to one of the newer branches at Jamjuree Square. I was craving for some Thai snacks as well so we ended up buying more than we should.
Snacks from Phufa Shop

Snacks from Phufa Shop

Phufa shop is a place where products made by local people under HRH Princess Sirindhorn’sinitiated royal project are sold. They include food and beverages products, some herbal toiletries, clothes, stationery and many more. The project started in the 1980s with the intention to help promote local economy in order to generate incomes for people in the remote area. There are also several other Royal projects that have similar intention to Phufa. People from the Royal projects would provide training and know how as well as provide places to display and sell the products. I am particularly a big fan of Mae Fah Luang’s products which are mostly textiles made by hilltribes people in the northern area of Thailand.

Mee Krob

Mee Krob

Some of the food and beverages in Phufa are actually made by people in the palace so there’s no need to doubt about the quality and the taste.  I was quite surprised to see that the price tags of the food are quite low They range from about THB 25 onwards. We went home with 5 different flavors of sorbets (THB 25 each), pineapple tarts, Mee Krob(deep fried rice noodles) and few other Thai snacks. On the way home, my mother couldn’t resist tasting Mee Krob and after looking at her face when she took the first bite, I think our family friends should watch out, because I know what’s going to be in our new year’s hamper.

Mini pineapple tarts

Mini pineapple tarts

For me..?  definitely pineapple tarts, I’ve been craving for it for a few months now and it was certainly worth it. I think I’ve finally found a place where I would buy Thai snacks as souvenirs for my foreign friends and I would definitely recommended it for those who are visiting.

Phufa Shop Branches

Jamjuree Square (MRT: Samyan)

2nd fl, Siam discovery Center (BTS : Siam)

Section 24, Chatuchak Weekend Market  (MRT Kampaengphet exit 2)


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