My Cupcake Crave

9 Aug

Since I came back to Thailand, my craving for cakes and desserts seem to strike me harder than usual.  I think it’s because the lack of oven at home as well as really good dessert place in Beijing. So, after yesterday’s homemade banana cake muffin, my mission today was to find good cupcakes.



I’m not quite sure when cupcake trend in Bangkok started. I remember that at a friend’s wedding nearly six years ago, instead of having traditional wedding cake, she had cupcakes made. Since then it seemed like more and more people are getting into cupcakes here in Bangkok. In 2007, especially, I’ve seen many cupcake shops started to emerge, but I’m not sure yet about how many survived. Joining the trend is the newly opened CREAM by Cafe’ de Tu’at Bangkok’s Jamjuree Square in the CBD.

Inside the shop

Inside the shop

This small shop opened just over three weeks ago and sell several types of cupcakes as well as Cafe’ De Tu’s already famous chocolate cake. Due to the limited space, there weren’t many seats so I decided to buy ONE cupcake to take home. 

Yummy Cakes

Yummy Cakes

 There are not much choice in term of cupcakes’ variety,  and I was a little confused by it because I think that the selling point of this shop is cupcake, but since it is newly opened, it’s forgivable…for now. 

cupcake in a box

cupcake in a box

 I quite enjoyed my cupcake and especially the creamy topping and I usually don’t like like creamy topping on any cakes, but for the price of  THB 80 (US$2.3) it is slightly pricy for the Thai standard. I just hope that next time I drop by, there will be more variety.

 Cream by Cafe’ de Tu

2nd Fl. Jamjuree Square

Patumwan, Bangkok

(MRT: Samyan)


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