Take a peek at Bangkok’s local market 1

2 Aug
One of my favourite activities when I go to different places is visiting local food vendors and that includes visiting local wet market. In Bangkok there are 2-3 places that my mother and I like to go to and one of it is a market opposite Jatujak or the weekend market. It is said to be the wet market for the rich as the food prices are higher than other local fresh markets but the qualities of the food are much better.
Rice Rice Rice @ Dried goods section

Rice Rice Rice @ Dried goods section

We went there on Saturday afternoon, despite the fact that we couldn’t find parking, the amount of shoppers at the market has dropped remarkably.
Clean and empty, not very typical

Clean and empty

 I couldn’t believe my eyes how empty it was and it made me think of the other market I went to earlier last week where I was told that the business is getting worse. I’m not sure what can people do to help, especially in a time like this.
Fish Seller, packed up early and ready to go home
Fish Seller, packed up early and ready to go home

 While I don’t like buying meat at that market, I love buying seafood there especially prawns and ready-made fish cake mixed. This guy on the left sells that. He didn’t recognized me at first, but when he saw my mother who is a regular, he would just post for the photos for me. How sweet!

I was walking around enjoying the sights and smell of the market, while I was taking photos I would politely asked shopkeepers if I could take photos. Lots of them were surprised that I’m Thai as they thought I was Japanese and either laughed out loud or just continued with what were doing with a giggles to hide their embarrassment.

Pre-packed curry paste

Pre-packed curry pastes varieties

There are so many things sold in the market, from curry pastes, freshly squeezed coconut milk, meat and pultry, seafood, and fruits. When I need something for my foreign friends, especially curry paste, I would go there and get the pre-packed ones from one of the shops. They make really mean curry pastes so I ended up buying 200 grams of the sour curry paste.

Fresh Curry pastes

Fresh Curry pastes


Coconut milk milking machine

Coconut milk milking machine

 As I walked along, I came across a coconut milk selling store. I was pretty fascinated with the machine that they use to squeeze the milk out. This is because when I was young, I remember we squeezed the juice out by hands by adding warm water to the coconut meat. That was so much fun.

These days it’s actually easier to buy coconut milk in cans. The one that I use is called ” Chao Koh” brand which can be found in local supermarket as well as oversea’s Asian grocery stores.

coconuts used for making coconut milk

coconuts used for making coconut milk

I think I could spend all day there. It’s so much fun just walking around talking to people there. I’ll have to post the second part of the blog tomorrow. There are more photos to come!


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