I Love Noodles

31 Jul
My relationship with noodles goes way way back. The earliest memory between me and noodles starts when I was about five.  After school my mother would come to pick me up with a meal box filled up with dried thin noodles with fish balls.  Yes, that was one of my snacks. These days I treat my noodles with more respect, no more afternoon noodles snacking but I would eat it for lunch and dinner. My favourite types of noodles are rice noodles, which comes in different sizes and textures.
Common Types of Noodles in Thailand

Common Types of Noodles in Thailand

The thickest noodles is called ” Thick rice noodles”  which is common when ordered noodles with gravy sauce (Rad Na)or stir fried thick rice noodles (Pad Si-Ew) and other types of stir fried rice noodles as well. Rice noodles stick is great for making Padthai and noodle soup, especially Tom Yum noodles. The thinnest one is commonly made as noodle soup. 

Fresh Noodles Stall at a local market

Fresh Noodles Stall at a local market

Basic ingredients to accompany noodles apart from various meats are beansprouts, coriander, spring onions and also fried garlic in oil as well as the broth made from chicken or pork bones.

Basic noodle broth

Basic Noodle Broth

 Making chicken/pork broth is not hard at all, when I was a student, I usually go to the Asian grocery store to get all the ingredients I wanted. There are chicken/pork bones, peppercorns, coriander roots and garlic. Sometimes, people would add in turnips to make the soup taste sweeter as well. But I use palm sugar and some soy sauce to make the soup tastier.  

a complete bowl of noodle

a complete bowl of noodle

When eating noodles, it’s very common to see four little containers set contain chili flakes, vinegar, sugar and fish sauce. They are called ” Kreaung Puang” or “Kreaung Prung” which literary means “flavour enhancer” used to add more flavours into noodles.

Flavour enhancer

Flavour enhancer

Originally noodles are sold and eaten by Chinese in Thailand, but it became more popular as Field Marshall Plak Pibulsongkram, the Thai Prime Minister during the World War II issued the national mandate to encourage people to eat more noodles to help recover the plummed economy. While I think it is a very very strange idea but I guess I have to thank him, otherwise  noodles won’t be as popular, and there would be no Padthai.

I don’t think I can imagine the world without Thai noodles..that would be very unfortunate for the rest of the world’s culinary experience.


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