Where is the best Padthai in Bangkok?

27 Jul

When I was in Beijing, lots of my friends would ask me where is the best Padthai in Bangkok. If you ask the ordinary Bangkokians, they would say “Padthai Pratoo Pee” (The Ghost Gate’s Padthai) which refers to 2-3 Pad Thai shops in an old part of Bangkok called “Samrarnrat” (Sam-Ran-Rat), and the most famous one is called Thip Samai. Ask anyone in Bangkok, I can guarantee  you that it would be one of the first names on their mind.


As I was writing this blog, I tested this fact (or not) by turning to my little sister who was sitting right beside me on a couch;

“Pratoo Pee”, she said without any hesitation or looked  away from the TV.

When I asked her why, she simply said, ” Because everybody say so”

Call me bias, but even if I’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard enough reviews of “Padthai Pratoo Pee” that make me never wanted to go and try for myself. Not that I have anything against it, but I don’t see the point of paying for overpriced Padthai in a crowded simple stall.

..The Original..

..The Original..

I’ve tried enough Padthai in my life, and believe me, the taste of Padthai in most restaurants in Bangkok are so wrong. Most of the restaurants would use the instant Padthai sauce which taste more like tomato sauce and vinegar mixed instead of the original ingredients of tamarind and lime juice. Lack of Chai Pow (salted chopped turnip) and dried shrimps as well as the smoky wok smell in some of the restaurants make the dish incomplete. 

So when I was asked the same question recently, I simply replied with 100 percent confidence that the best Padthai in Bangkok is at my house. I really mean it!!!!!!!!!  But that wasn’t the answer my friends were looking for. They wanted me to recommend some place they could have great Pad Thai when they come to Bangkok.

Hmm… Apart from my house? I think I’ll have to get back to them later, but maybe they can try Padthai Pratoo Pee, and judge for themselves if they agree with most of the locals. Maybe I might have to write about ” Hunting for the best Padthai in Bangkok” for my future blog topic to satisfy my own curiosity.


One Response to “Where is the best Padthai in Bangkok?”

  1. Aungkana July 28, 2009 at 6:57 pm #

    In April ’09, I happened to come across an article in the Financial Times about ” A blog’s life “. That interested me but I’m what you call a low-tech person. I didn’t do anything until I heard that you also write a blog about food, which is my favourite topic. So, here I am. It’s fun to read your blogs and I ‘ll be one of your fan for sure. Great!

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