Beer na beer!: It’s really a beer

24 Jul

One of my last assignments as a full-time staff at the company I worked for was in the Philippines. After the postponement of the Asian Meeting in Cebu, a cameraman and I were send back to Manila first, while the rest of the crew stayed back to do some feature stories. We were super lucky to stay at the Presidential Suites at the Pan Pacific Hotel for very very cheap rate due to some confusion. Despite the fact that we had the nicest and most expensive room in the hotel, we didn’t make the good use of it as we had to catch the early flight back home the next day and my cameraman prefered to clean the equipments rather than exploring the city’s night life.

Beer Na Beer!:Filipino Beer

  Beer Na Beer!:Filipino Beer

It’s a tradition for us as a company to try local food where ever we go and of course local booze for those who are in favour of alcoholic drinks, especially with the beer.Although I prefer drinking icy cold Coke Zero to icy cold beer, but I occationally enjoy some light beers from time to time, and of course I have to hold on to the tradition.

In the Philippines, we are used to San Miguel beer (and the one in the Philippines taste much better than the export ones!) so after dinner near the hotel, we came across the beer with funny name ” Beer na beer!”  at the convenient store,  I couldn’t help but bought a few cans back to the hotel.

The reason we found the name  funny was that, in the Thai language,  the word “na” is used to emphasize  the subject, so when you say Beer na beer!, it means  ” This is really a beer” , funnily enough, when I was having dinner with our new family friends earlier on tonight, I mentioned “Beer na beer!” to them as they are originally from the Philippines, and I found out that it was indeed the intention of the company with the word play and it means the same thing in Tagalog as in Thai.

I can’t remember if I had tested the beer, but I think I probably let my cameraman drink it all while I was happily sit on the Presidential Suites’ comfy couch watching Filipino’s version of American Idol on TV with my Coke.




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