Restaurant : AOI : Family’s favorite in Bangkok

13 Jul

Last Saturday, my sister and I decided to go for lunch and since I just came back to Bangkok, she let me choose what I wanted to have. One of my favourite cousines is Japanese, so I didn’t hesitate to say so and of course, the easiest choice for us is ” AOI”

This restaurant has been our family’s favourite for years, tucked in a quiet road, just off a busy CBD street of Silom. It serves very authentic Japanese food with a reasonable price.  When we arrived at the restaurant just before 1 pm. the restaurant was packed with local Thai customer who appreciate Japanese food like me.

Japanese Obento
      Japanese Obento with balanced diet of raw dish, grilled dish, fried dish and  boiled dish

One of many reasons I enjoy Japanese food is that,  apart from very delicate preparation, Japanese food is consider to be one of the healthiest food in the world and the Japanese appreciate their food so much that it’s consider to be another kind of arts form. I became appreciated more and more of the cuisine when I spent a year in Japan back in the late 90s.

As I looked at the menu my eyes caught up with a new type of  “Chirashi”  (Raw fish topped with rice). I’m not sure about the name, but I think it’s called ” Healthy Jyu” and it’s healthy indeed

Healthy Jyu from "AOI"

Healthy Jyu from "AOI"

Once the food arrived I was fasinated with the ingredients on top of the sushi rice.  They are considered by the Japanese, very healthy and helping with stemina.  They are grated yam (white gooey stuff)  okra, finely chopped tuna, natto (fermented soy bean) seaweed and fish eggs.  I went on and on about how clever the menu is with my sister and how the Japanese have to eat 30 different ingredients a day…Hmm.. maybe I was too over the top. Although the dish might not look appealing to some people, but I can guarantee that it was delicious and very light, and easy to make at home too.

Anyway… I don’t think I will go into the nutrition facts about those ingredients, but maybe in the near future when I start the diet section of the blog..


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