Going Home : The taste of home

11 Jul

After more than half a life time of constant traveling,  it’s a routine for me and my three other siblings to call home before boarding the plane home to talk to mom about our “first home-cooked meal” .  

I think that the tradition started  almost 17 years ago when I was send away to a boarding school, before the end of every terms, the conversation between my mom and I on the phone would be about the food.   For those who went to boarding school, they should know how horrible the food were, so every time I went home, no matter how late the flight was, delicious homemade food would always be spreading across the dining table.

So when my latest adventure, a year in Beijing ,ended just yesterday, I’ve found myself dialing my mother’s number while wandering around with my broken laptop at the Beijing’s airport, hoping to tell her my schedule as well as what I wanted to have for my supper at home. However, my parents were on their own little adventure, so I had to ask my A-yi (housekeeper) to make a small meal for me, as I’ve always found the plane food boring. 

My first meal this time was ” Minced pork rice noodle soup” , a Thai version of Chinese staple, and one of my favourites.  My mother used to say that cooking noodle dishes when she was younger was something that required  a lot of hard work. But I think the hard part is just the preparation other than that, it’s quite easy to make at home.

Although my first home-cooked meal wasn’t cooked by my mom, but in every spoonful of noodles that I had brought back familiar feelings, and suddenly, I realized that ..I was home…

Minced pork Rice Noodle Soup Recipe will be posted soon.



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