My Top Ten List : Restaurants in Beijing

1 Jul

A year in Beijng and countless homecook meals,  my eating out experience has been somewhat limited,  However, when I do eat out, quality  is what I look for.   I guess I’ve been spoiled… thanks my family friends and my beloved friends and visitors that put me back to my normal life of good food, nice ambience, and great company…even just for a short time.

Here are my Top 10  Restaurants

1)  Club Camp– my newest favourite Yunan Restaurant in the middle of the city in Gongti Xi Lu, above Coco Banana, I was there the first time the other day, and the food was super yummy!  Very similar dishes to some of the Thais.. I guess lots of northern Thai food are influenced by the Yunan Cusine a lot, there’s lots of curry, lots of fresh herbs and yummy sticky rice!

2.) Edomae Sushi–  This is one of the first Japanese Restaurant I went to with my former colleague.  I would say that despite the fact Beijing is nowhere near the ocean,  and to eat raw fish in Beijing, you’ll need to be sure that they must be fresh,  Edomae Sushi’s sushi is doing a good very very good job.  I always drop by when I’m in Jianguomen/Guomao area.  It’s in Jianwai Soho Building Number 9.

3.)Baoyuan Jiaozi–  I’m obsessed with Jiaozi or the Chinese Dumpling.  I’ll miss it a lot when i go home, as it’ll be harder to find.   Baoyuan Jiaozi in Maizidian is another new find as well. It come with more than 50 varieties of jiaozis with the price starts from RMB8.   Cheap Clean and Good! I do make really good Japanese version of it, but it’s not going to be the same. 

4.) Fish Nations–  I like the place, not because it’s the only place dedicated to Fish n’ Chips, but they do have yummy hot banana chocolate, but most of all, it’s in my favourite Beijing’s Street of Nanluoguxiang.

5.)  The Tree – The best Pizza in Beijing ….hidden at the back of Sanlitun Bar Street.  I like the number 9.. is it prosciutto or parma?

6.) The Bridge Cafe –  Not so much for the food, but for the dessert,  they make great brownies, apple crumbles, carrot cakes …basically everything.  It’s also the students’ hangout in Wudaokou as well.

7.) Bellagio’s –  A Taiwanese chained restaurant from Shanghai,  again yummy dessert.  I wonder why I couldn’t find decent dessert shop here in Beijing?

8.) Sarangbang –  A Korean Restaurant in Wudaokou,  the best suburb for Korean food in Beijing. Yummy Korean BBQ, Chupjae and  kimchi Chige.

9.) Lau Pa Sat –  Not only you can get yummy Singaporian food, great Kaya toasts and Kopi- O ,  you can go practise your Singlish with the Singaporian Expats as well lah!

10.) The Unions –  Great Burgers and fries. Nothing more to add, also in The Sanlitun’s Village


Almost make it to the list :

Element fresh –  …. Smooties…. and people watching as it’s in the central location of The Village in Sanlitun, not so much for the food…..anymore (meaning – it used to be good!)


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