Beijing’s Breakfast on the go

29 Jun

               When I first arrived in Beijing, I vowed to myself to get up early and have my breakfast at home.   Unfortunately, that vow broke within the period of two months. Not only that I’m very slow in the morning, but the food cost in Beijing is so cheap!  I have to admit that at home in Thailand, I’ve been very spoiled by having people prepared breakfast for me  but usually I have breakfast on the go. 

So…,  I’m kind of back to the old habit, before rushing to class, I only have time tomake myself a cup of coffee and have to grab other things on the way.

Chinese Breakfast On The Go

Chinese Breakfast On The Go

My understanding of typical Chinese breakfast, would be soy milk, you tiao(fried Chinese dough stick) and con-gee (rice porridge), but here inBeijing what I’ve seen is  totally different.  What I see everyday from the carts are mostly fried dough with some sort of eggs and soy Drink, and I often wonder why the chinese girls can be so skinny by eating those stuff in the morning…!

However, the other night when I went to the massage, I took the opportunity to ask my masseuse on the topic.  She said that usually, typical breakfast for the Chinese are either the porridge, soy milk or Mantou (plain steam bun).

The Steam Bun Cart

The Steam Bun Cart

As for those greasy fried bread/dough? ” Eating those stuff in the  morning?  It’s very bad for your body”,. she said

Speaking about the dough, Jian Bing, or the Chinese egg and chives pancake  is probably the most popular amongst foreigners, then there’s other types of fried dough some what similar to Indian’s Roti, but they’ll put eggs inside, accompanied with meat and some vegies..and of course the chili paste.

However, my favourite breakfast lately is made from the rice flour…it’s almost like a rice burger of some sort,  hence the name  Zhong Shi Han Bao 中式含苞,  or the Chinese Burger.  

Chinese Burger

Chinese Burger


 Originally from Henan, it consists of egg and minced chicken or chicken ham.  The texture is quite heavy but I’ve found that because of the size,  it’s actually nicer than the pancakes or the fried dough.  I’ve actually been observing the  way they make it and asked one of the friendlier looking  guy who was making it.

The Chinese Hamburger's Mold

The Chinese Hamburger's Mold

Basically they just pour the rice flour in the mold,  wait until it cooked, then
add in the egg  and ham, then pour another layer of  rice flour on top,
and flip it over.  and wait until it cooked again.  Then it’s done,  and with the
same with other breakfast on the go, they’ll put the chili paste on request.   The price is RMB 2.5 / piece, definitely WAY cheaper than a Mcdonald’s McMuffin.

One Response to “Beijing’s Breakfast on the go”

  1. Aungkana July 28, 2009 at 7:27 pm #

    I would try it , if I find one ,next time in Beijing.

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