Farewell to my SHUI BA

24 Jun
Food Stall 23/6/09
Food Stall 23/7/09

After nearly a year in Beijing, I came to conclusion that, in Beijing.. or more specifically, in the area where I live, the shops do have short lifespan, especially the temporary ones, whether it’s restaurant, gift shop or tea shop,  it makes no different. One day it’s there, the next day it can be completely vanished. 

The latest victim is the “Shui ba”  or the kiosk, near the Hualian Shopping Center in Wudaokou. Yesterday I took the photo of the place while walking pass it. My intention was to do a quick overview of it.  I was actually planning to go back there today to take more photos, but this morning to my surprised and horror… IT”S GONE!!

What is left of it.. 24/7/09

What is left of it.. 24/7/09

This morning, after having breakfast with some of my friends at the nearby cafe,  the topic came up.   One of my friends, J.C. thinks that for the kiosks, there’s probably a short lifespan.  Some time at the end of last year, at the exact same spot,  there was a very nice Xiao Chi (Snack) place, built pretty solidly. It was actually a brick house!  I went there quite often as they sold very cheap yummy noodles as well as the stam buns .   However, one day  the building completely vanished, what left of it was the rubbles and piles of dirts.  Lots of people have various theories towards this incident.  Some said that the place has caught a fire, some said that the business didn’t do well, that’s why it was torn down in which I doubt it.  Either way,  for a loyal customer like me, it was a huge loss,  I had to search for the new noodle place.

For this kiosk where they served the nice fried dough, skewered meats,  cold noodles, ice-cream and other yummy cheap food,  I think the absent of it will be dearly missed.   I can see myself walking pass it everyday and mourn for the loss of  delicious fried dough.


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