Ingredient of the day: Nam-Prik-Narok (Dipping Sauce from Hell)

22 Jun


A few weeks ago, when my friend Tul  came to Beijing on his business trip, one of the things he brought with him was Nam Prik Narok.  When I googled the word for the best English translation, the most interesting one I’ve found was ” Dipping Sauce from hell”which is quite a literally a straight forward translation as the dip is very spicy.  For those who can’t tollerate the spice, I’m not recommending this delicious glorious ingredient to you.

The word Nam Prik usually means dipping sauce, and in Thailand there are two kinds of Nam Prik, the dry ones and the watery ones.  This is one of  the dry ones that can be kept up to 3 months if refrigerated.

Nam Prik Narok

Nam Prik Narok

When I was at school away from home,  Thai ingredients are being passing around amongst the Thai students.  The first time I tasted the dip was when I went over to my friend’s room and he was eating it with boiled rice and just splashed fish sauce over it.  I was hooked since then.

The ingredients for this dip are fish, chili, fish sauce, tamarind, lime juice, sugar and salt.   It’s best to just pour it over steam rice, add some soya or fish sauce and just enjoy it.  Or you can use it as a dip by mixing it with fish sauce lime juice and it goes very well with BBQ meat.

The dip from hell

The dip from hell

When I was at school, I remember there was a Mi-Goreng (Indonesian instant noodle)  fever.  None of my school mates would survive without the noodles, it has been tasted and tried in various ways.  My roommate and I also invented the way to co-operate Nam Prik Narok with the noodles.  We would put the sweet soy sauce all over the noodles and just scoop the very very spicy dip on top.  It was the most delicious recipe of all time.


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