The story so far

20 Jun

Travel and food has always been my greatest passions. 

Growing up in a Chinese-Thai family, ,my mother always made sure we have lots of food on our dinner table, mixing thai food with southern chinese cooking.   My maternal grandfather used to own a chinese restaurant in Bangkok and from time to time I would popped over by his house to get some yummy home cooked Tae Cheu (Chaozhou) food.

My passion for travel came a little later, As I spent most of my school years in Australia,a place known for sunshine, good food and fun people, I too had developed the urge for travel.  And my relationship with travel and food has begun ever since.

Since Australia, I’ve gone back to Bangkok, Thailand, the place known for delicious food, not only Thai food but food from all over the world.  I was in food heaven.   Not only that, my job required me to travel around South-East Asia, and I was exposed to more and more  authentic food around the region.

Fast forward to 2008,   I decided to pack my bag, left my freelance job in Thailand and hopped on a plane to China, and discovered that there are more to Chinese food than Cantonese,  Chao Zhou and Taiwanese food that i’m used to, and so far it has been  is  the most amazing advanture in my life yet.

Am I the luckiest person or what?   I  think so.


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